Whistleblowers are Reporting a Wide Variety of Significant Securities Violations to the SEC

The year 2010 saw the enactment of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Program that seeks to protect consumers from the securities exchange violations by major companies in the United States. This program attracts people from all walks of life to present any possible violations. Under the Consumer Protection Act, this was one of the most sweeping overhaul I the United States financial laws since the 2008 financial crisis. The Dodd-Frank Act, among many other reforms, established a new program to see the whistleblowers represented ad provide significant financial incentives and employment protection for the individuals to report these securities violations the Securities (SEC) offers an opportunity for whistleblowers to be compensated for their boldness.


In response to this legislation, the Labaton Sucharow Advocates was the first law company to establish an exclusive practice that aims at protecting the whistleblowers. For the company, their main goal is to offer protection and advocating services to the whistleblowers. The company has, therefore, built one of the biggest representation platforms for the SEC whistleblowers. The Representation Practice for Whistleblowers has a world-class team of investigators, forensic accountants, and financial analysts with the state and federal law enforcement experience to offer unparalleled representation for the SEC whistleblowers. James Thomas is the leader of this practice. He is a former SEC Assistant Director and Chief Litigation Counsel of the SEC Enforcement Division. According to sources, he fought for a long time for the development of this practice in the United States. He also played a major role in the implementation of the SEC whistleblower legislation which includes the drafting of the rules to their initial application.


Under this program’s rule, the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC Whistleblower lawyer has an obligation to pay the eligible whistleblowers an amount that does not exceed 30 percent of the collected monetary sanctions as a result of the whistleblower program. This action is applicable when the amount exceeds $1 million. If you meet this minimum amount, the eligible whistleblowers will also get additional awards based on the collected monetary sanctions. This Act also prohibits the employers from any possible retaliation against the employees. If they retaliate in any way, they will be allowed from participation. Whistleblowers are required to present their problems anonymously to the law representatives. During the initial interview, you are not required to pay any amount to the law firm. Your case is kept secret at all costs by the SEC Whistleblower attorney. You are also not required to produce any identification documents.