The leadership of Helane Morrison

Morrison was born and raised in Brooklyn and began her career as a journalist after graduating from Northwestern University, Illinois. Later proceeded to do law at University of California Berkeley School of Law. She has been exercising justice by exposing corrupt brokers. Ms. Helane Morrison is a self-made pioneer, assertive and with a sharp mind that is changing the face of the field of finance. She has made an impression on every field and workplace that she has been to.


Morrison has gained experience working as a law clerk at the US Court of Appeals. She moved to work with the Supreme Court Justice, Harry A, Blackmun from 1985-1986 after a year. The judge has been liberal in making massive changes to the old abortion laws, sexual behavior, age consent and fighting for women’s rights. Morrison was driven by the passion for equality, justice for all and ending corrupt and discriminatory institutions that were formed earlier to try and exercise justice.


After working as a clerk for some years, she went forward to the private sector; she moved on to Howard law firm, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. She worked in defense of private securities and business litigation for ten years.


The government recognized her qualities and abilities and gave her a position at the San Francisco office of US Securities and Exchange. She was given the power to ensure there is full disclosure of information, making investments transactions fair and protecting corporations and individuals against fraud. She headed the enforcement for eleven years dealing with high profile cases. She led numerous financial fraud cases with top executives from clients like Google, NextCard Inc and HBO. She exposed the deceptive sale of false securities when working with the investigators. The SEC made her the Head of Commission and Regional Director due to incredible work and many achievements. She became the first woman ever to acquire that title. She was responsible for security enforcement, regulatory matters and litigation in Northern California and the North West States.


Morrison joined Hall Capital. This was the best moves of her career. Hall Capital is the largest and most successful investment advisory firm in San Francisco. It is an organization that is run entirely by women. The trio, Sarah Stein, Kathryn Hall and Helane Morrison, heads it. They are transforming the financial workplace by observing resiliency and flexibility. It’s a work environment that is based on the open concept philosophy to deepen commitment and ensure success and happiness of the client.

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  1. Morrison got interested in exposing those violating security laws and defending the culprits. She rose through the ranks of the firm and was responsible for overseeing a staff of more than a hundred employees. It may also be difficult for superiorpapers to have also have some responsible staff working for them overseas.

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