The Endless and Inseparable Journey of Fashion and Technology

Anyone who attempts to separate fashion from technology and verse versa will surely fail. The reason is not far-fetched. Everyday technology keeps taking a fashionable look while fashion has never stop looking technologically fashionable. This is not a sudden occurrence; it has been with us for centuries.

Looking back to the 70s, you will remember the boom box that everyone was clamoring for because it enabled users to convey favorite tunes and stations about. It took less than two decades for the boom box to go into the history books as the Walkman became everybody pursuit in the 90s; it was a leap in fashion that usher in personal music experience in a way never known. The big one came at the turn of the century, the iPod. It was a class higher in fashion and portability to the Walkman.

Every day we see accomplished fashion designers world over diving deeper into the world of technology. To them, there can be no other way to bring to bear a higher standard in creativity and functionality than to employ technology to the craft of fashion. A Dutch renowned fashion designer put it this way: “[technology is] like a playground, a place of experiment, and as you dive deeper and deeper into the technology and systems, it rewards you with endless possibilities.”

The marriage between technology and fashion is sure to last as much as mankind. Today, people are combining both to create energy because all that is needed for electrical energy is simply movement. We now have cloths that capture kinetic energy for the singular purpose of powering technological appliances like mp3 and watch. Very soon, a prototype for shoe will be produced that will be capable of charging a cell phone in the course of walking or running; Soledad Martin is currently working on it.

Also, technological over the years has been counting on fashion to help sell her products into the hearts of man and woman. Most fashion shows help to achieve this goal. Fashion thus remains a veritable means through which technology gains popularity.

We can be sure the fashion will not be left behind with the current trend of technological advancement because there is already an inseparable union between both.

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