Securus Technologies Controlling Gang Violence in Jail

I am a corrections officer in the most dangerous prison in the state. The reason for all the violence is a combination of overpopulation and increased gang presence. Despite our efforts to keep the gangs separated, it doesn’t take much for something to trigger a major fight. When one gang member is attacked, the entire group comes to the rescue, so anyone caught in that cross-fire could face violence on a larger scale.


To help control the violence, we need to first control the drugs. Even an inmate just trying to do their time with no incidences of violence can turn in to an animal if taking too many drugs in jail. The gangs use drugs to help recruit and the funnel cash to the top of the ladder. We have to really have our heads on a swivel to be able to maintain order and locate any drugs inside our facility. Luckily for my team, we have the help of Securus Technologies to give us an edge over the inmates.


The Securus Technologies company has been installing these inmate call monitoring systems in over 2,500 jails around the country. The system is able to detect chatter and alert officers of trouble before it happens. Since the main objective of this Dallas-based company is making the world safer, we knew it was a perfect fit for our prison.


We have gotten several alerts the first week of using the new system. We were alerted to a call from a higher-ranking gang member ordering his crew to come to the jail in force with drugs, hoping one would succeed. We were able to be on the defense that day and not only eliminated the drugs from the jail, but took down a crew that were trying to put us all in danger.