The Important Work of an Ambassador

Diplomatic representation is a critical aspect of international relations between two or more countries. The diplomatic corps is led by an Ambassador who is an appointed representative protecting the relationship between the nations but also protecting the interests of his or her home country.

Daniel Taub knows the job well since he served as Israel’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2011 till the period of four years was over. However, his story did not begin in Israel but the United Kingdom.

Born in England and attending his first school in the country, Daniel Taub was later able to participate in several prestigious institutions including Oxford and Harvard where he received his degree.

After finishing university, Daniel Taub went back to Israel where he also got married and started a family. His career in international relations and diplomacy first began in the Israel Defence Forces where he was first a combat medic and later a reserve officer in the international branch of the corps.

His talent was noticed by colleagues, and after the service was over, Daniel Taub joined the Israeli Foreign Ministry team in various position as needed at the time. He has education and experience in a different aspect of foreign relations including the war of law, international law, terrorism, and anti-terrorism.

IN 2011 Daniel Taub was appointed to serve as an Ambassador to the Court of St. James, and he accepted the role. It gave him the opportunity to connect with his first home as well as see for himself how the Jewish communities were fairing in England and United Kingdom as a whole.

Daniel Taub always took his role as an Ambassador very seriously and took it upon himself to bring the communities out and make them more visible. He never shied away from educating others about Israel and its culture.

Before leaving the post, Daniel Taub was invited to see Her Majesty the Queen and the meeting went well. He believes that the conversation about the Israeli-Palestinian relationship is a significant one and that there needs to be more of it.

He also thinks that people don’t always know what to expect from their neighbors in Jewish communities or how to act around them. Therefore, education is one of the most important things.

Daniel Taub also wants people to stay connected with their home culture and their past as well as know their traditions since that is a direct connection to their land even if people don’t live in Israel.

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Hussain Sajwani Plans to Expand the Family Business and Consider an IPO

Saudi billionaire and DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani is looking to expand the real estate wing of the DAMAC Empire. The business mogul believes the time is right to invest beyond UAE, and he already has international connections to his advantage. DAMAC is also considering an IPO with Sajwani almost retiring from the business.


The Hussain Sajwani Family first ventured into the food industry before switching to real estate. Hussain Sajwani managed the family business growing its profits and supply networks beyond Saudi Arabia. DAMAC was the sole company supplying food products to American soldiers fighting the Iraqi war of 1991.


Even with such a huge contract with America, Mr. Sajwani still felt the business was not reaching the potential he wanted. To become a billionaire, he had to invest in something more lucrative. He exited the food industry and consolidated capital from the business to open a real estate firm.


In 2002, DAMAC joined the Dubai Property Market when it was at its peak. Sajwani had also invested in mid-market hotels in Deira which catered to expats flying in from the Soviet Union. His property portfolio was expanding, until July 2008 when the real estate market was hit with the global recession.


Fortunately, Hussain Sajwani had seen the recession coming and started taking necessary measures. He reduced spending costs and instilled a few strict measures like foreclosures for mortgage owner who had defaulted. Hs shrewdness managed to save his business from crumbling, and by the next year DAMAC had enough cash reserve to continue with its property projects.


Today Hussain Sajwani is one of the prominent billionaires in the UAE who is well connected to wealthy and powerful people. One of his long-time investment partner is Donald Trump with whom they opened the Trump International Golf Club Together. With his close friendship to the Trump family, Sajwani is confident that the Trump presidency definitely favors his business interests.


The 57-year-old Arab billionaire has solid plans for the future. As he exits the business, he intends to leave a strong and accountable leadership structure behind courtesy of the IPO they are considering. Mr. Sajwani also plans to expand the family real estate business to Riyadh and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, as well as Turkey.


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Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited Demonstrates How To Invest In Stocks

Paul Mampilly is no doubt one of the leading investment experts in America. With a career spanning over two decades in the financial industry and many successful investments, Mampilly is in an excellent position to offer expert advice on lucrative investment portfolios. He is one of many professionals that are helping Americans regain trust in the stock market after the recession which left many people counting losses.

Mampilly reached the pinnacle of his career when he became one of the leading Wall Street personalities. However, he quit his career citing two reasons: he needed time to concentrate on his family and to help ordinary Americans make money. Immediately he quit, Mampilly joined hands with Banyan Hill Publishing to launch an investment newsletter, “Profits Unlimited.”

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The newsletter targets a large population of Americans who shy away from the stock market. Mampilly is the editor in chief of the publication, and his audience benefits from his well-researched investment advice. Profits Unlimited requires an annual subscription thereafter subscribers benefit from practical investment advice. Furthermore, subscribers have access to Mampilly’s model portfolio. Through the portfolio, Mampilly outlines his investment plans for the month or the year. Also, the model portfolio comprises all the recent developments in the financial sector to keep subscribers abreast with critical industry knowledge.

Unlike some investment experts who make money from coaching investors while they make little to no investments, Mampilly is leading by example. He has successfully made money from his investments in companies such as Sarepta Therapeutics and Netflix among others. When he was a contestant at an investment competition sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation, Mampilly demonstrated to all and sundry that he is a shrewd investor; he turned $50 million to $80 million by investing in the Indian automotive company Tata. Mampilly won the Templeton competition.

Many have compared Mampilly’s investment style to that of the late John Templeton. Like Templeton, Mampilly does not shy away from companies that are struggling, and as a result, he purchases shares of such companies when they are at a record low. When such companies recover from their downturn, their stock prices rise, and Mampilly enjoys the returns of his investments.

Mampilly is always willing to share his investment options even if he will not benefit from sharing such knowledge. For example, he recently encouraged investors to channel their cash to companies that provide precision medicine, manufacture eco-friendly cars, or those that deliver food, especially to millennial clients.

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Sweetgreen Restaurants a Source of Fresh Delicious Foods

New legacy restaurants would very much like to be like the Sweetgreen. The food industry in the modern world has been hit by the high-end salad chain which is accompanied by the three great investors. Danny Meyer, Steve Case, and Daniel Boulud are the three investors.

Sweetgreen’s forty locations are crowded with a wide range of diner making a long queue. The company deals in creating a brand that would feed people better. The traditional chains have more to learn from the CEOs including technology.

Nathaniel Ru is a former student of the Georgetown University. Nathaniel Ru graduated with a business degree in the finance field in the year 2007. Nathaniel Ru is among the three pioneers of the Sweetgreen restaurant. The Sweetgreen restaurant has grown and expanded to twenty-seven different locations across six states and has a plan to extend its wings to the west coast by the year 2015.

Nathaniel Ru together with the two co-founders got the idea of starting the restaurant based on the belief that Georgetown needed a fresh food dining option.

They firmly believe in food and fits. Again they went on to open the Sweetlife which is the largest food and music festival in the whole region. The event features music from top artists in addition to best foods from the top chefs. It usually attracts more than twenty thousand attendants. Read more: Sweetgreen Founder Interview – Nathaniel Ru | Business Insider

The three university friends and classmates have managed to organize the application of website together with a mobile app in their transaction. Technology has covered over thirty percent of the business transactions. Moreover, the three co-CEOs are trying to restructure the management.

The strategy involves the almost complete shutdown of corporate office five times a year to make it possible for everyone to work within the restaurant for them to maintain the close relationship with the customers.

The company, however, has no headquarters as the three pioneers are growing towards running the restaurant nationally. They have recently opened a branch in Los Angeles.

The three c-CEOs, Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet, were classmates in an entrepreneur class at the University of Georgetown. They had many things in common. First, they were all first generation immigrants.

Secondly, the parents of all the three were owners of private businesses. While these three friends were undergoing their course training, they came to realize that the Georgetown lacked healthy eating option.

This inspired them to start a restaurant immediately the graduated from the university. However they knew for them to succeed they would have to survive a business after making the winter break.

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Securus Technologies Uses its Resources to Uncover Criminal Behavior

Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It serves over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies. It provides services that help to monitor and provide communications for 1,200,000 American inmates. Securus Technologies provides emergency response, public information, incident management, investigation, information management, biometric analysis, communication, inmate self-service, and monitoring products and services. Securus Technologies has built-in security elements in their prison phone systems that allow for a safer prison environment and also insures civilians are not as frequently targets of inmate planned criminal acts. By monitoring the phones, they have successfully thwarted many potential crimes and discovered intricate details about past crimes. Some examples of the types of issues they have unearthed follow:


  • A corrupt prison staff member was ousted when a phone call was intercepted. A search warrant was issued and the contraband he was smuggling was discovered.


  • Phone calls were intercepted that revealed several illicit behaviors ranging from access to cell phones, inmate alcohol and drug selling and its use, money transfers and selling prescription drugs.


  • Built-in investigative tools allow for the discovery of details behind harassment complaints and potential security threats.


  • Securus’ LBS software has been instrumental in helping law enforcement recover illicit drugs, money and assets tallying up to millions of dollars.


  • A family was caught conspiring to hide the details of a crime when one sibling was overheard instructing the other on what to say regarding a criminal investigation.


Securus Technologies has been serving in its current capacity for more than 25 years. Their first inmate-facing operating system was released on 2015. Since then, they continue to build on the services offered to make the correction and law enforcement environment safer for everyone. Securus Technologies has made a concerted effort to acquire complementary businesses so that they can offer more comprehensive services to the population it serves. The built-in surveillance of the phone system is just one of the many beneficial services Securus one day hopes to provide.


Finding The Stepping Stones To Investing With Igor Cornelsen Including Investing In Brazil

While there is a lot of talk in the news about the national debt and a lot of issues facing the US dollar, euro and other currencies, it is never a bad time to start investing and start making your future something you can be proud of.

Getting into investing whether it’s with a bank or an independent advisor can seem a little daunting if you’re not completely sure what you’re doing, but there are people out there ready to offer you basic advice and guidance including Brazilian investor and former investment banker Igor Cornelsen.

Cornelsen has been investing in foreign securities for many years and managing billions worth of client portfolios.

The Brazilian market has seen a lot of ups and downs over the years, but thanks to Cornelsen’s leadership at its three national banks investors have come to trust his management and advice. Cornelsen has also worked closely with the Brazilian government in guiding economic policies and laws.

Today Cornelsen works with private investment firms including Bainbridge Investments where he offers part-time consultations, and the rest of his time he publishes blog posts and makes appearances with news networks such as CNN and CNBC. The rest of his time he spends out golfing or boating.

Igor Cornelsen may be retired but he always has his eye on the stock market and is always telling investors how to get started in investing.

The first thing he will tell investors is to look at the stock market and other exchanges not as a slot machine or poker table where money will start flowing out of immediately, but rather like a game of chess that takes patience and persistence to do well with.

Igor Cornelsen says you have to be willing to not just look for big stocks that all the TV personalities are raving about but instead look for stocks that may not be as well known and have the potential to grow into major players on Wall Street.

Igor Cornelsen says that it’s better to start investing small and in many different funds instead of putting all your assets into one big stock. And he also says to always keep an eye on your portfolio and when the time is right to put more money into your investments. Read more: Igor Cornelsen gives you the basics on Brazilian banking

He also tells investors not to be afraid to be picky about the stocks they invest in because you want to invest in companies that have good leadership on their record.

Companies that constantly have a new CEO or constant overturn in their employees are usually not going to do well in the market.

Igor Cornelsen’s knowledge of Brazil and the way their markets work has allowed him to share with investors how to get started investing in Brazilian companies and equity.

There are so many industries to invest in down there from manufacturing, retail, technology, exports and a plethora of banking and financial services that despite whatever government and economic challenges arise, the nation is always going to be competitive in foreign markets. But you have to know the obstacles that may get in your way before you invest.

Cornelsen says you should familiarize yourself with Brazil’s regulations on foreign investments and look at the work that the current Finance Minister Joaqim Levy is doing. It may take some time before you can establish your investments in Brazil’s current climate, but Cornelsen says the effort will pay off.

He also advises looking at what’s happening in China and seeing how their trades with Brazil are doing. When starting up your Brazilian investment portfolio, Cornelsen says you should get in touch with locals who know the banks and can point you towards ones that accept foreign currency transactions.


DACAs Greatest Support-Frontera Fund

The law is relevant and ensures that a country stays in peace. When the authorities catch you breaking the law, they punish you according to what the law indicates they should. It is for this reason that philanthropists and activists exist. Humanitarians are not rebels who do not want to follow the laws of a country. Their patriotic people who are concerned about the citizens who may suffer as a result of the judgment being based on the law. The philanthropists fight for the rights of the minority groups in the society as well as the secluded community members.

DACA Organization is a philanthropic group that fights for human rights, immigrants’ rights, and civil rights as well. The major of the group is on the immigrants. Some of the immigrants in the USA have technically been in the state for all their life. They have contributed to the well-being of the society, and it would be so mean to deport them. The Organization believes that the country should appreciate the contributions of the immigrants of the community and view them as assets instead.

Recently DACA organization has been facing difficulties. The Texas Attorney General has filed a report claiming that the firm has failed to produce the legal documentation. Following this claims, the AG wants the company closed down. To begin with; the company has been ordered not to enroll new members or renew memberships. This is a big hit to the members. The announcement from Kelly has even added more fear to the members. Kelly said that despite the efforts of the officials, the firm was still facing significant challenges. The beneficiaries are so afraid of having the firm closed down.

The Arizona members have condemned the actions of the Texas AG and the nine staff members who supported the case. The beneficiaries of the firm have significantly improved the country. This is because the members who stay in the country and complete education become the intellectual property of the state. The immigrants who gain citizenships use their income in paying house and car mortgages. This means that the beneficiaries are a great asset to the society.

However, the Frontera fund has come to the rescue of the organization. Lacey and Larkin fund will give the firm the necessary steps to follow to save it from closure. The Frontera fund supports the organizations that fight for human rights, civil rights and immigrants’ right as well. The dreamers have relaxed after this intervention.


Tasting table has always proved to the world as the chief choice to consumers most importantly in party organization and family camps. The foods, drinks and serving expertise of the chefs’ leaves customers with the desire to always come back and enjoy the excellent services offered at the restaurant. Tasting Table restaurant has been under the ownership of summer party expert and chef, Andres Morataya. Chef Andres Morataya is as well the owner of Panga restaurant in panama, which has been offering excellent dining skills to admirable standards. Chef Morataya’s reputation has gone beyond his own country, mainly attributed to a re-known entrepreneur, a friend and well-wisher known by the name Christopher Burch alias Chris Burch. Chris Burch invited Andres Morataya to work at his home in Hamptons as well as serving at his popular resort located in Nihi Sumba Island, Indonesia.  Additional reading on

Chris Burch is the founder, owner as well as the Chief Organizing Officer of a business firm, Burch creative capital firm. He was on the 28th day of March, 1993 in New York, United States of America. Chris Burch has banked in numerous enterprises in business. The various enterprises span across different industries in the United States, a milestone which has not been marched by anybody else. Apart from being the founder of Burch Creative Capital firm, Chris Burch played a pivotal role in the establishment of Tory Burch, which is a branding firm dealing mainly with luxury fashions. His diversity in capital investments has made him successful not only in American but worldwide as well. Chris Burch has not rested but has increased efforts on a daily basis to create even more investment firms in many parts of the globe. His ability to embrace diversity in business ideas as well as having a strong belief in risk taking in entrepreneurial settings has provided the necessary strength for development.  Read insights and views from him, check

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According to, Chris Burch ventured into business as an undergraduate at Ithaca College as a co-founder of Eagles Eye firm, alongside his brother Bob. The firm steadily grew and accumulated an outstanding profits of 165 million dollars before they willingly sold the firm. Chris Burch has made reputation in many other industries like financial institutions, food industries, technology firms as well as transport industry. His creative capital firm has 12 other small enterprises operating under his management such as Zeel, Hooch, Bauble bar, Split and Chubbies shorts among many others. Chris Burch has also been providing advisory to Grability investment.

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Chris Burch Discusses the Connection Between Fashion and Technology

It may seem strange to believe there is a connection between technology and fashion, but as explained by Chris Burch, this has always been the case. His opinion is that as fashions change, so do the technologies societies prefer. As both have evolved they have become more intertwined. Examples from the past include the development of wearable music gadgets like the Walkman. Modern advances in both of the industries are leading to products that pair the two even more closely. Designers now openly discuss their plans for creating dresses that make drinks and others that create their own paintings.  Read more of his insights on things, in his area of interest, check on

Obviously the last two examples of fashion and technology colliding are hardly practical, but other designers and engineers continue to merge clothing and innovative technology. Smart gloves for firefighters that make communication between partners easier, airbags in cyclist clothing to eliminate the need for bulky helmets and clothing capable of collecting kinetic energy to power gadgets are just a few of the examples of products now under development.

Obviously, technology plays an even larger role in fashion. It does this by aiding the manufacturing process, in creating unique materials and allowing designers to collaborate and market their goods across the globe almost effortlessly. Burch believes that smart investors should watch both industries as they progress and connect more than ever before. Interesting articles on

Chris Burch is neither a designer or an engineer, but he does understand the popular appeal and value of both. He is the co-founder of a brand of luxury fashion items and has a lengthy history of marketing products in a number of industries.   For an overview of his diverse investments and timeline activities, check on

As an entrepreneur and investment expert and the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, he has spent nearly four decades identifying the ideas that will excite consumers and creating the branding to draw attention to those ideas.  Additional article to read here.

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Chris Burch Is A Leader In Fashion & Innovation

Chris Burch is doing a great job of combining the world of fashion and technology. You can understand how important it can be to wear the right items when you are walking down the street, using your iPod. The game hasn’t changed in this regard when people were walking down the street carrying a boom box in the 1970’s.

Chris Burch is ready to fund the projects that are going to cross over, being popular with people that are searching for mainstream fashion solutions and edge cutting technology at tee same time. If you come up with a great idea, you shouldn’t be demeaned for backing core sciences and information technology. Capital investments are what you should be rewarded with, to further your dreams. It is a sign of an advanced and civilized society. Chris Burch wants to be a leader within that civilized society.  People decided not to laugh at Thomas Edison; they decided to fund his projects, We are talking about projects that changed the world for the best. Capital formation is crucial for the fashion industry, and no one understand this better than Chris Burch. For a glimpse of his premiere company, click on

Leaders within the fashion industry have taken the time to fund different projects that break down barriers. You want to be able to say that you have a good pulse on what is going on within the fashion industry, the latest trends. Chris Burch makes this truly possible when you see the crucial nature of his capital investments. It takes the time to research and find the right projects to fund. Millenials that have a good eye for fashion and invention should never give up on their dream so they can live the dream of entrepreneurship. Know his latest cool contribution to the market, hit on

The kind of work that quality venture capitalists and others can do in the world of fashion can revolutionize a town, make positive changes that can last for many years. Fashion can give people hope, people that have been told that their dreams are crazy can become very successful if they find the right people to believe in them.  Read insights and views from him, hit on

Growth in the marketplace can be aided by finding the right manufacturer for clothing. The right manufacturer can help a dreamer creating a product to make the right statement. Light manufacturing can even play a role in the world of fashion. Read more about his business ventures, head over to this related site.

Chris Burch, being the leader that he is can play a large role in making sure these light manufacturing projects can get done.  For an overview of his investment, investor details and timeline activities, click on

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