Malini Saba is Worldwide Philanthropist First, Then Chairman of Saban

Becoming one of the world’s top investors can be accomplished by an intelligent businessperson, but Malini Saba is much more than that, she is one of the world’s most passionate philanthropists, and it is this title that she prefers. Ms. Saba is from South Asia, and she is founder and Chairman of Saban, an international investment company that holds a variety of interests including Chinese oil and gas companies, land opportunities in Australia and India, and high-tech companies in the U.S.

These substantial investments have taken Malini to the top of the investment industry, but she is more proud of the non-profit organization called “Stree: Global Investments in Women.” Stree is a company for women to advance, and it focuses on improving the way low-income women and children from across the globe look at themselves. Malini began this incredible organization to help these groups of women see themselves in a positive light, so they can function in society.

“Stree” enables women to obtain health care, legal support and it provides a means for grassroots movements in Africa, Central America, India and Eastern Europe to meet unite with established public policies for a better tomorrow.

In all areas of her career, Malini attributes her level of success to the fact that she is not afraid to take risks to get ahead. She says that in the past 10 years, she has taken great risks, and they have paid off incredibly.

Philanthropic Endeavors of Malini Saba Show Her Huge Heart

Outside of America, Malini has been successfully in leading women since 2001 in founding Stree. In 2005, she donated $1 million to help start the world’s first Heart Research Center in Mountain View, CA, but she didn’t stop here. In 2004, after the Tsunami destroyed many areas in India and Sri Lanka, she gave $10 million to assist victims in this tragic nation.

Malini does things big and with determined intent all throughout her investment career, which began in the 1990s with 20 technology companies. Today, she has extensive investments in several countries, which have lead her to be a billionaire who sees a responsibility to help and encourage those in need.