Livio Bisterzo Wants To Make Snacks Better For You

Traditionally, snacking has been a pretty unhealthy pastime. It is not something that people can really get any health benefits out of and it can be even worse for people who are on the go. Livio Bisterzo wanted to change that and make snacking easier for people to try new things. Because of this, he came up with the idea for Hippeas.

Hippeas are convenient packs of chick peas that have been roasted to the point where they puff up and it has helped them to be tastier and crunchier, like a chip. Since Livio Bisterzo knows what he is doing and knows the right way to try different things, he is fully committed to the snacking industry and to the way that people will be able to get more out of the snacks that they have in the areas that they are in. It is something that his company, Green Park Brands, is able to do with every snack that they have.

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The point of creating Green Park Brand was to change the snacking market and make it something that people will be able to do in a healthy way. He wanted to show people that they could get more out of the snacks that they were consuming and they didn’t have to mindlessly consume carbs and fats. Instead, they could mindlessly consume quality calories and high fiber nuggets in the form of puffed chick peas. These have made a difference to people who want to be healthy, people who are on a diet and people who simply want a change from the regular potato chip snack.

There are many different flavors that are currently on the market with Hippeas. People can choose a flavor that they like and they will be sure that it is going to stick around. While Livio Bisterzo is hoping to make more flavors in the future, he wants to be sure that the flavors that he uses will not impede on the healthfulness of the chick peas. He also wants to ensure that the flavorings that Bisterzo uses are all natural or organic.

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