Lime Crime Has Over Two And A Half Million Instagram Followers


Lime Crime is a famous online lipstick and makeup production company founded by CEO Doe Deere. She pioneered the e-commerce style of cosmetic sales. She has also created fresh new ideas such as modeling lipstick on actual lips instead of on a swatch. Lime Crime has become so popular that their online following has become huge. They recently celebrated over 2 million followers on their Instagram account. Lime Crime utilizes Instagram heavily to help propel interactive shopping and reach makeup enthusiastic over the world. Doe Deere explains that they not only use her Instagram account to sell products but they also aim to make their account fun and interactive for fans. Fans love to share photos of themselves wearing Lime Crime makeup. They can submit using the hashtag # LimeCrime. These pictures will help inspire people to customers explore the possibilities of Lime Crime makeup. Fans will submit photos of themselves wearing a particular shade of lipstick which will be added to a gallery for other customers to be you. This collection of photographs gives customers ideas and show what the colors look like in real life rather than on a piece of paper. For more information product pics, hairstyles, and fashion, you can check out their Instagram site.

They have cruelty free and vegan cosmetics. This makeup company has reached millions of subscribers, and it continues to grow rapidly. CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics Doe Deere is hands-on from the creative process to marketing. She’s involved in all aspects of the business. Her cutting edge style and unabashed willingness to play with color have caught the eye of women all over the world. Doe Deere developed a love for makeup fashion and color at an early age and had turned this passion into a multimillion-dollar successful business. She continues to produce and distribute makeup that is both bold and beautiful. Women all over the world are waiting to see what colorful and eye-catching offerings Lime Crime will have next.

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