Ken Goodgame: Innovation Brought Full Circle

Growing businesses into billion dollar corporations marks the core of what Ken Goodgame brings to a company. Ken’s expertise scales the entire make-up of business strategies and remains highly focused on implementing new techniques to increasing revenue and overall value of a company. Ken’s business ventures have accumulated to over 20 years of success in multiple markets. Below we’ll dive into a few of his success stories and how he helped change the scope for some familiar companies.

Ken got his start at the Home Depot in Atlanta, Georgia in 1994. His duties included management of product purchasing and directing sales of proprietary brands. During his 8 total years in these positions he increased sales in these particular categories by 11% and 20% respectively. He also helped the smooth the additional of the John Deere product line to the Home Depot’s hardline department. He also successfully led an expansion program that would bring the Home Depot to Puerto Rico.

After smaller stints at companies like Newell Rubbermaid and Techtronic Industries North America, Ken would go on to become the General Merchandising manager for Ace Hardware. As a member of the Ace Hardware team Ken successfully brought the Craftsman tool category to this chain and increased sales of this line by over $175 million. He also took his creativity to action with the creation of new testing facilities, product modernizations and diversification to grow the company’s retail strategies and margins to a great extent.

Kenneth Goodgame now resides as the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer for the True Value Hardware Corporation. He took his talents and successfully managed a process that would completely rebuild their merchandising team from the bottom up. His strategies were also taken into consideration to improve long-term growth for the company. His marketing strategies and business techniques have provided success rates in the billions of dollars. His leadership continues to shine through as implementation of new product lines, new product teams and continued sales development headline Ken’s plan for the future. His influence doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon and it will be interesting to see just how much he can continue to grow this corporation.

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  1. one can be right to say that Kenneth Goodgame really is good at the game of making success out of a business but I think he has his picks. That is not to say legit? is a good question to ask about the claims about his abilities. People care about the results in leadership and a number of cases has shown that he has proven his magic hands on a few cases before.

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