John Holt Represents NexBank at Texas Bankers Association

The Texas Banker’s Association gathers some of the best minds in finance and investment in the region to discuss changes to the banking industry during their 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. Speaking at this conference in New Orleans, Louisiana was John Holt, NexBank Capital’s CEO and President.

Mr. Holt, known for his focus on local banking and community involvement took part in a panel conversation to discuss the topic of “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.”

Leaders in financial counseling and banking flock to each Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference to take part in a forum that highlights potentials for challenging the banking industry from the community level on up. This requires panelists, like Holt, who have experience utilizing M7A activity in order to spur natural growth and eventual franchising.

About NexBank Capital, Inc.

John Holt is an American businessman and investor. After graduating with BBA from the University of Texas at Arlington, Holt went on to work in finance. He serves as President, CEO and Director of NexBank Capital and Chairman on the Board for NexBank SSB. His daily engagement impacts strategy that’s employed to better operational effectiveness. these same skills are put to work on the Texas Bankers Association’s Board of Directors and their Community Bankers Council.

Entering into 2017, NexBank is valued at $5.3 billion in assets that it was able to acquire though mortgage banking, commercial banking, and financial fixtures. NexBank provides services to real estate investors, middle-market companies, institutional clients and other financial bodies, all the way to sizable corporations in need of structuring guidance. With leaders in the financial industry taking positions within the executive management team, NexBank focuses on expert knowledge on the field and a need to focus on servicing clients in need of financial services, looking for opportunities to form partnerships with prized institutions and sought-after clients.