Helane Morrison: A Brooklyn Girl Doing Great Things Out West

Helane Morrison worked in leadership positions for the Securities and Exchange Commission‘s San Francisco District Office for 11 years. During her time there she was known as someone that used all the tools at her disposal to ensure consumers were treated fairly and businesses large and small toed the line. She led fraud and insider trading investigations and brought cases against several major companies. Morrison also expanded the workload and almost doubled the staff in the San Francisco office to ensure the SEC was doing all it could to protect consumers and rein in rogue companies.


The SEC hired Morrison in 1996 to head the examination and enforcement programs in the San Francisco office. By 1999 she had done such a good job she was promoted to district administrator. Helane Morrison was the first woman to hold the position and one of the few women to hold major leadership positions with the SEC. Through the high-profile cases she brought against investment advisors and brokers and major companies and her work defending the rights of senior citizens and other consumers, she has left a legacy of hard work, unbiased action and great results.


Helane Morrison was born in Brooklyn, New York. She attended Northwestern University where she earned a degree in journalism. She then graduated from the law school at the University of California, Berkeley with her juris doctor. Morrison spent two years as a law clerk first for U.S. Appeals Court judge Richard Posner and then for Justice Harry Blackmun of the U.S. Supreme Court. She then went on to practice law with Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, a San Francisco law firm. The firm named Morrison a partner in 1991 after she had spent 5 years with them.


After 10 years practicing law, Helane Morrison left private practice to take the position with the SEC. She served admirably between 1996 and 2007 before resigning. Morrison then became chief compliance offer and general counsel for Hall Capital Partners LLC, a San Francisco based private investment company. She was a perfect fit with the company’s all-female leadership team. Morrison’s work at Hall Capital was so impressive she was quickly promoted to general manager and was selected to become a member of the company’s executive committee.


Throughout her career Helane Morrison has developed a reputation for integrity and the high quality work she has performed everywhere that she has gone.