Giving Back Is a Key Quality Illustrated by James Dondero and Dallas Civic Leader, Linda Owen

James Dondero and Linda Owens will work together to make the community a better place with skilled management of giving. As co-founder of Highland Capital Management, Dallas based hedge fund firm guru, Dondero is very happy about the pairing with Owen of the Dallas based Woodall Rogers Park Foundation. Together they will direct Highland Capital’s philanthropic projects in the giving fund program expansion for local charities to benefit from.

Linda Owen is poised to begin service as the firm’s charitable giving funds manager along with the resources of The Dallas Foundation that is the administrator of the Highland Capital charitable fund portfolio.

James Dondero declared his pleasure about the team up with these words. “As we’ve expanded our philanthropic activities, we recognized the need for a dedicated professional to ensure our contributions make the greatest impact. He went on to praise Civic Leader Owen, “Linda has a proven track record of building effective public-private partnerships in Dallas and shares our vision for making an immediate and tangible difference in our community.”

Giving starts at home with Highland Capital giving to the tune of more than $3 million per year to the community by way of The Dallas Foundation. The work behind this organization benefits the great causes of the veterans, schools and education, the health care community and local charitable beneficiaries in Dallas. Some of these entities are the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, The Center for Brain Health, Uplift Education, The American Heart Association, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and the Snowball Express.

The funds management will be well guided by the funds manager, extraordinaire, James Dondero, who is the innovator of the CLO or the Collateralized Loan Obligation, a financial mechanism that has created great wealth for the well satisfied clients of Highland Capital Management. James will task a force of other Highland Capital Management funds managers to support the board members involved in leading the charge to carry out Highland Capital’s desires to give back to the Dallas Charitable Community and other favorite philanthropic beneficiaries.

Giving starts at home and is a favorite pastime of the leader of Highland Capital, James Dondero according to the Dallas source, Business Wire.

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  1. Very proud moment for then duo and I think that working to make the city they grew up in will give them more fulfillment and joy in their service. Helping business is good and RushEssay will help to contribute to other charitable organizations tat will make events about this. It is not all sad for most of the people and at these times some of them are giving all they have but they need support.

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