Eric Pulier Accelerates Computer Sciences’ Growth With ServiceMesh

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) helped build the high-tech world we are now enjoying the benefits of. They have proved to be major leaders in technology for over half a century of providing IT services for many of the top companies of the world. CSC has acquired many other companies, including Eric Pulier’s ServiceMesh.

More recently, in 2003, CSC bought DynCorp and a few years after that, bought Covansys in 2007. It has become one of the very top technology integration companies in the U.S. and has been listed in the Fortune 500 for more than two decades. Now that CSC has merged ServiceMesh into their business, including the addition of Pulier to their top management team.

Pulier is a cloud computing expert and understands both technology and business. He is now schooling CSC management in the updated networking and cloud software arenas. He is also a professional expert in high-tech security systems. Eric Pulier is pulling for CSC to become a major competitor to some of the top 10 technology integration firms in the world. With ServiceMesh assets integrated into CSC’s integration packages offerings. They regularly deal with NASA, IBM, Honeywell, and most other technology manufacturers. ServiceMesh’s tools and software libraries will become the launching platform for the purpose of updating all their client corporations with the latest and greatest automated and fault-tolerant systems. They have offices in 80 countries of the world, with over 100,000 employees. CSC has been ranked number 185 in the list of the Fortune 500.

Many U.S. government offices and thousands of Americans benefit from CSC’s data processing turn-key solutions. CSC’s clients range from small service businesses all the way up to major equipment manufacturers and automobile makers. They are proud to keep their headquarters located in North America, although they do have offices all over the world, including Australia, Asia, and Europe. Software Magazine has ranked CSC as the 8th company in their Software 500.

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