Don Ressler Provides Consumers with All That They Need

Women that love to shop may never have to leave their homes again. Don Resslerhas made it this way. He has become the person that has co-founded a couple of websites that have made women reconsider what they are spending their money on. Women don’t have to go out to malls and waste time walking around in these stores. Don Ressler and his partner Adam Goldenberg have given women access to everything that they might desire with JustFab.

This is a website where women can find shoes, purses, jewelry and other accessories like belts to match the clothes that they are buying. Women have been greatly pleased with this website, and  Ressler is not surprised at all by the success of it. Don Ressler has realized that there are a lot of women that need and want this type of convenience.

In this month alone there has been a mall shooting and a mall stabbing. These types of events will often leave consumers – especially women – wondering if it is safe to go to these areas to shop. When they log on to websites like JustFab that they don’t have to encounter any of these dangerous situations. Women do not have to feel like their lives are in danger because they can shop in the convenience of their homes. Don Ressler has made this possible with the insanely popular JustFab website.

The reason that Don Ressler has managed to do so well with JustFab has a lot to do with the level of experience that he has with implementation strategies. He has been able to adjust prices and sell affordable products. This is one thing that has attracted consumers. The shoes are not $40. All shoes are strategically priced at $39.95. When people hear that they are more inclined to listen. There are also commercials that advertise a 2nd pair of free shoes. There is even talk about free shipping on These are the things that have made people pay attention to these 30 second spots for advertising.

Ressler has been able to see the trends in marketing and use the things that will entice women. He has also helped push forward a plus size clothing line – previously unavailable through JustFab – for women. These are types of forward thinking strategies that would help Ressler succeed in business. He recognizes the best ways to run his business.