Doe Deere:Using Lime Crime Cosmetics To Change The World

Doe Deere is changing the world of cosmetics with her Lime Crime line of makeup. Her goal seems to be to make the planet and its people more colorful and happier. Doe Deere is changing the old ideas about what makeup can do and should do. The explosion of bright colors in the Lime Crime line are designed to celebrate individuality. They allow people to make bold, colorful statements with their lipstick, nail polish, hair dye, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush and more. They are no longer forced to march in lock step and follow outdated fashion rules designed to make them fit in with everyone else.

When they use Lime Crime cosmetics people dare to be different. Even talented, serious professionals can now let their inner rebel peek out by wearing a brightly colored lipstick while doing powerful work. Doe Deere has long dared to be different. As an adolescent in school in Russia, she introduced the staid students in her school to the joys of wearing temporary tattoos. On stage doing her rock & roll act in New York City where she grew up, the blindingly bright colors of her makeup made her stand out like a neon sign. And when she founded Lime Crime cosmetics, she used the internet to make her lipstick a hit when traditional wisdom said it wasn’t possible or advisable.

Even though female-owned businesses face tremendous challenges, she didn’t let that stop her from starting her own company and making it an international phenomenon. While many others jealously guard their secrets to success, Doe Deere generously offers tips and guidance to female entrepreneurs and encourage them to contact her so she can help mentor them. Doe Deere is not like everyone else. Her goal is to make as many people as possible happy through her Lime Crime brand cosmetics. And now Lime Crime has become a movement promoting creative self-expression through makeup.

Doe Deere started off making her makeup by hand. The brand uses vegan ingredients and never tests its products on animals. Doe Deere and Lime Crime are the antithesis of the traditional cosmetics brand. She aims to empower women and encourage them to display their individuality. She’s become an inspiration for all who dare to dream and her success has made her a role model for women and girls worldwide. Because of her success, they now believe anything is possible if they try.

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