Doe Deere’s Unique Vision

There are two ways of looking at yourself if you have are a creative person with a vision that you are driven to carry out. You can be “different” or you can be “unique.” Being different can carry a little edge with it, of being too much an outsider. Being unique, however, is a way of feeling strong and powerful, which are two words that can describe Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere. Deere became a cosmetics brand CEO because she wanted to work with color and help make women feel beautiful, which is why she created Lime Crime Cosmetics.

The Lime Crime Difference and The Unicorns

The Unicorn lipstick line (Doe thinks of the unique women who use her brand as fanciful unicorns) has a range of colors from pink, deep purple, orange, yellow, blue, black and green. These lip colors are strong with a luscious matte finish that really stays on. They are also priced affordably, and are often favorably compared to much higher priced cosmetic brands.

Deere started Lime Crime back in 2008, using ideas she had developed when she was selling original fashion on eBay. She continued to use color in a bold way and it has truly paid off by bringing in loyal fans who love the makeup and its unique looks.

Deere’s savvy about using the Internet to promote her brand is significant. The Lime Crime Instagram page now boasts over 2 million users, which is a number the larger brands should envy. One of the keys to the popularity of the page is its interactive quality. Deere encourages the page followers to post photos of the looks they are creating using Lime Crime. This brings on a conversation between users, along with many beautiful photos that promote the brand.

Deere is a Russian emigre who grew up in New York but who now resides in fashion oriented Los Angeles. She’s an example of a woman who is self made in the best sense of the word. As Deere sees it, when you do what you love, there are no limits, and Lime Crime is the proof of that.


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