Doe Deere: Rebellious Makeup, Rebellious Soul

Self-proclaimed unicorn queen, Doe Deere, has been taking the makeup world by storm since the creation of her own makeup line, Lime Crime. Though she never intended to be a stellar CEO, Deere essentially stated that it had to be done in order for people to properly express themselves. The Russian beauty with an enormous personality has a background as unique as her hair color as well.

Often disproving that she had a motivated soul growing up, the CEO actually admits to having a business at age fourteen in Russia. Anything but surprising, her business was selling temporary tattoos to willing participants. Upon moving to the United States, Deere had every intention of embarking on a music career. When her makeup looks felt too dull, however, she decided to create her own. This is where Lime Crime came to be. Given that Deere’s makeup is totally edgy and one of a kind, it is no surprise that Deere gave some insight as to what her favorite fashion rules to break are.

Beginning with her disdain for how the makeup industry regularly publishes what is in and what you must follow, Deere described how she loves to break essentially every rule published by fashion magazines. Her favorites include wearing a bold eye with a bold lip, mixing multiple colors and miscellaneous patterns, and wearing socks with open toed shoes.

To conclude, Deere’s life did not end up the way that she had intended. Her outrageous, fun, and unpredictable personality certainly coincided with her surprising destiny. Taking the makeup industry by storm and breaking rules in between, Doe Deere is the color the world has been lacking.

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  1. All of these things are taboo to the fashion world, but Deere will tell you that she does not care. The unicorn queen, of course, published photos to prove that she, in fact, loves to break fashion rules daily. The fact is that wrote an interesting piece about it in the past as well.

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