Chris Burch Discusses the Connection Between Fashion and Technology

It may seem strange to believe there is a connection between technology and fashion, but as explained by Chris Burch, this has always been the case. His opinion is that as fashions change, so do the technologies societies prefer. As both have evolved they have become more intertwined. Examples from the past include the development of wearable music gadgets like the Walkman. Modern advances in both of the industries are leading to products that pair the two even more closely. Designers now openly discuss their plans for creating dresses that make drinks and others that create their own paintings.  Read more of his insights on things, in his area of interest, check on

Obviously the last two examples of fashion and technology colliding are hardly practical, but other designers and engineers continue to merge clothing and innovative technology. Smart gloves for firefighters that make communication between partners easier, airbags in cyclist clothing to eliminate the need for bulky helmets and clothing capable of collecting kinetic energy to power gadgets are just a few of the examples of products now under development.

Obviously, technology plays an even larger role in fashion. It does this by aiding the manufacturing process, in creating unique materials and allowing designers to collaborate and market their goods across the globe almost effortlessly. Burch believes that smart investors should watch both industries as they progress and connect more than ever before. Interesting articles on

Chris Burch is neither a designer or an engineer, but he does understand the popular appeal and value of both. He is the co-founder of a brand of luxury fashion items and has a lengthy history of marketing products in a number of industries.   For an overview of his diverse investments and timeline activities, check on

As an entrepreneur and investment expert and the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, he has spent nearly four decades identifying the ideas that will excite consumers and creating the branding to draw attention to those ideas.  Additional article to read here.

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