Indigenous People Push For Better Wikipedia Coverage

There have been many complaints over Wikipedia not having content about Indigenous peoples. At the Wikiconference North America, participants will be invited to attend an Indigenous Peoples Day edit-a-thon. Participants will brainstorm articles about Indigenous people. The Indian Country Today Media Network believes that looking at different tribes, figures, and movements will lead to the creation of new articles.

This strategy has been successfully used by other people who felt that Wikipedia did not give enough treatment to a certain group. For example, research showed that a very small number of Wikipedia editors were women, so many women demanded that the site let more women contribute.

How certain groups get marginalized in the first place is primarily due to demographics and access. Research has shown that users often take on assignments that do not represent or define their own cultures. This is an issue for Indigenous people because they often do not have access to broadband, especially people who live in rural tribal areas. Due to the lack of access, fewer people are able to contribute. However, some of that is due to Wikipedia’s policies hindering the creation of content involving Indigenous people. Wikipedia has a notability concept that helps determine if a topic deserves its own article and whether someone can create a Wiki page about the subject. Many people have complained that the notability concept has caused many articles to be deleted.

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