Securus Technologies; the Most Reliable Civil Justice Technology Solutions

Securus Technologies is a united state based prison technology company. According to my research, Securus Technology provides an ingenious solution for preventing and resolving misconduct among inmates. The company provides useful technology that aims at improving public safety. The company founded in the year 1986. Securus technologies headquarter its central operations in Dallas, Texas along with other local offices located in Carrollton, Texas, Allen, together with Atlanta, Georgia.



In addition to my detailed research, I learned that Securus has an approximate of one thousand workforces. Recently, media reports show that the company has acquired over 2600 contracts from various correctional facilities across the United States. Additionally, the company has so far installed its services in over two thousand facilities in the North America along with some part of Canada. By early 2016, the company obtained hundreds of patents alongside significant acquisitions. Securus technology is thoroughly committed to being a reliable provider of high-tech software resolutions.



Among the inmate communication providers, I learned that Securus technology leads the list with its exceptional services. The company is always looking forward to improving public safety by creating a favorable environment for inmates. Its services attract thousands of public safety, along with corrections agencies. Securus offers simple, secure together with innovative technology solutions.



As a result of offering exceptional service of the highest quality, I encountered a series of recent positives reviews. Firstly, reports from several prisons show that Securus technology has been in use for over the last one decade. One of the correctional facilities says that they reviewed that facilities are loyal to Securus due its commitment in always upgrading their services. I am amazed by the company continuous vision to impresses the federal centers with its new innovative investigative tools that focuses on ensuring public safety by use of their investigative tools to prevent and solve criminal acts.


Securus Technologies Uses its Resources to Uncover Criminal Behavior

Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It serves over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies. It provides services that help to monitor and provide communications for 1,200,000 American inmates. Securus Technologies provides emergency response, public information, incident management, investigation, information management, biometric analysis, communication, inmate self-service, and monitoring products and services. Securus Technologies has built-in security elements in their prison phone systems that allow for a safer prison environment and also insures civilians are not as frequently targets of inmate planned criminal acts. By monitoring the phones, they have successfully thwarted many potential crimes and discovered intricate details about past crimes. Some examples of the types of issues they have unearthed follow:


  • A corrupt prison staff member was ousted when a phone call was intercepted. A search warrant was issued and the contraband he was smuggling was discovered.


  • Phone calls were intercepted that revealed several illicit behaviors ranging from access to cell phones, inmate alcohol and drug selling and its use, money transfers and selling prescription drugs.


  • Built-in investigative tools allow for the discovery of details behind harassment complaints and potential security threats.


  • Securus’ LBS software has been instrumental in helping law enforcement recover illicit drugs, money and assets tallying up to millions of dollars.


  • A family was caught conspiring to hide the details of a crime when one sibling was overheard instructing the other on what to say regarding a criminal investigation.


Securus Technologies has been serving in its current capacity for more than 25 years. Their first inmate-facing operating system was released on 2015. Since then, they continue to build on the services offered to make the correction and law enforcement environment safer for everyone. Securus Technologies has made a concerted effort to acquire complementary businesses so that they can offer more comprehensive services to the population it serves. The built-in surveillance of the phone system is just one of the many beneficial services Securus one day hopes to provide.


Securus Technologies Controlling Gang Violence in Jail

I am a corrections officer in the most dangerous prison in the state. The reason for all the violence is a combination of overpopulation and increased gang presence. Despite our efforts to keep the gangs separated, it doesn’t take much for something to trigger a major fight. When one gang member is attacked, the entire group comes to the rescue, so anyone caught in that cross-fire could face violence on a larger scale.


To help control the violence, we need to first control the drugs. Even an inmate just trying to do their time with no incidences of violence can turn in to an animal if taking too many drugs in jail. The gangs use drugs to help recruit and the funnel cash to the top of the ladder. We have to really have our heads on a swivel to be able to maintain order and locate any drugs inside our facility. Luckily for my team, we have the help of Securus Technologies to give us an edge over the inmates.


The Securus Technologies company has been installing these inmate call monitoring systems in over 2,500 jails around the country. The system is able to detect chatter and alert officers of trouble before it happens. Since the main objective of this Dallas-based company is making the world safer, we knew it was a perfect fit for our prison.


We have gotten several alerts the first week of using the new system. We were alerted to a call from a higher-ranking gang member ordering his crew to come to the jail in force with drugs, hoping one would succeed. We were able to be on the defense that day and not only eliminated the drugs from the jail, but took down a crew that were trying to put us all in danger.


How Securus Technologies is Preventing Crimes in the City

My job as part of the fugitive task force is being able to stay one step ahead of fugitives who are looking to harm innocent residents of our region. When these suspects have a support network around them, it makes it that much harder because not only are they hidden, the people who would normally help as informants do not want to be bothered.


The only way that me and my team can find these fugitives is with hard work and determination. One thing is common with just about all criminals, they are creatures of habit that usually feel safest when they are operating around their home town. That familiarity makes them comfortable, and with that comes the chance that they will slip up and give us a lead to where they may be hiding.


This particular suspect was back in his home town operating like he was untouchable. He was robbing and committing violent acts, leaving behind a calling card that showed police he was not afraid to conduct business as usual because he knew he was able to work in the shadows just out of our reach. As his crimes escalated, so did the pressure from my superiors to put an end to his run from the law.


One of my partners that works in the local prison informed that Securus Technologies installed an inmate call system that was unlike any resource he had seen in years. The LBS software was allowing them to listen to the inmates talk on the phone in a new way, and there was even chatter about our suspect detected.


We studied the calls and determined a relative in the jail was actually calling the shots as to who was hiding our suspect, so we continued to let the inmate lead us right to the suspect who we arrested before he could strike again.


Homework for Inmates and their Children is a Breeze with Securus Technology

Hey, I have discovered something really wonderful. You want to know what it is? Well, I figured out that inmates can now help their children to do their homework every night of the week – if they are able to have that many visits within that time period.


Securus technology has a new program called the Video Visitation App. This app allows inmates to communicate with their children through a video terminal that is located within a correctional facility.


The video terminal can be linked to a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet through the Video Visitation App. Once the app is installed and family members are registered and approved; they can speak with inmates at scheduled visit times.


This technology allows inmates to help their children to do their homework from jail. I think this is a great idea. Keep in mind that many kids with incarcerated parents have a hard time in life. They usually struggle socially and their schoolwork is often negatively impacted during the process.


However, with the Video Visitation App, incarcerated parents are able to lend their child assistance when they are struggling with math or reading. During a video visit, an incarcerated parent can tell their child how complete a specific type of math problem and they can help them to read words on a page.


Don’t forget that a video call allows people to see the person and the environment around them and not just hear them talk. This technology is the second best thing to being in the same room with a person. Military personnel who are stationed overseas use the same technology to contact their loved ones. Securus just uses this technology for inmates to help their kids to maintain some normalcy.


I know that the Video Visitation App will not replace a parent being in the same room as a child. However, it would be foolish to think that it does not help. The truth is that many incarcerated moms and dads benefit from this technology. You can find out more about the Video Visitation App from Securus Technologies website.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.