Eric Pulier’s Coveted Approach to Tech Investing

If you got the chance to pick the brain of a remarkable entrepreneur you would be foolish not to. Eric Pulier, the founder of XPrize as well as a noted entrepreneur, has always been forthcoming with his work within the tech field. Pulier has actually been growing into one of the biggest industry forces in the entire tech field. Pulier sat down and talked shop in order to establish some of the traits that has made him so successful.


To really get things started Eric Pulier was asked just how he would approach his career if he could do it all over from the beginning. Pulier wasn’t sure that this was ever a good approach. Pulier went on to say, “I don’t know that I’d do anything over again. Every failure leads to something new and often better.” Pulier goes on to explain that all of his shortcomings helped to really establish who he is today. Pulier’s one piece of advice is to say, “Sometimes I think I could have been less open to trusting certain people whose motivates later became apparent.”


Dwelling over the past isn’t part of Eric Pulier’s repertoire but he does have a few pieces of advice that would make his career different. Pulier says that his focus, and what every entrepreneur should focus on is to bring ideas back to life. Pulier says, “I write sparks down and let them sit and then revisit them over time.” Pulier is notably patient with how he approaches his concepts and he never really rushes into anything. Pulier often lets an idea just sit in the back of his head for as long as he needs until it is fully developed.

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Still, no matter how you approach business Eric Pulier has this foundation from which to grow, “Bounce ideas off of people, without concern of people stealing them or pride of ownership.” Pulier understands that the tech industry is a people business and you have to be ready to really work with them to get things done. Pulier goes on to say, “The best entrepreneurs can change and adjust as necessary.”

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