Marc puts the Spark back into the Community

Marc Sparks is an Entrepreneur who has created several successful business ventures, including a place called Samaritan Inn which houses and feeds over 200 people on a daily basis. Over the years he has helped many families thrive again.

He funds new companies through a private equity firm called “Timber Creek Capital”. A private equity firm, in the event that you are not familiar, is basically a company that will invest in your idea if they believe that it is going to be profitable. Read more: What a Venture Capitalist like Marc Sparks Wants From a Presentation and Who Is Marc Sparks?

His newest business, which he calls “Spark Tank”, is meant to give a $5000.00 grant to social services executives who come up with an innovative idea to help the community become strong again. Together with his partner, Lynne Sipiora, they are giving these social services entrepreneurs the chance to win a $5000.00 grant which has to be applied for through their website.

The types of businesses allowed to apply are human services, animal services and arts. Marc Sparks and Lynne will choose and allow three of the finalists to present their idea and ultimately decide who has the most impactful and innovative idea, and of course would greatly benefit from the grant.

Each of the finalists get 10 minutes to talk about their program and convince Marc and Lynne to help fund their company or help grow an existing company. Each year the application deadline is October 1, and the winner is chosen the following December.

The most recent winner from round two was an organization called “Mommies in Need”. This company provides mothers, who are ill and unable to work, with an in-house nanny. This service is for mothers with cancer and other illnesses that disables them to care for their children.

According to his Amazon book, Marc Sparks has built his wealth in a very respectable manner and what he is doing for communities is simply amazing.