The Career and Business Undertakings of Solvy’s Founder

Alexei Beltyukov is a renowned Russian businessperson and philanthropist who has established various successful ventures in his country. In 2003 he created Endemic Capital, which was devoted to facilitating startups in Russia. He is also the proprietor of A-Ventures, which is a financial organization that supports companies that are monetarily unstable.

Mr. Beltyukov attended the INSTEAD University, and his field of expertise is business administration. He has been giving bursaries to Russians who manage to enroll at the higher learning institution.

Alexei is currently an employee of the Russian government where he serves as the Skolkovo Foundation’s vice president. His economic guidance has been essential to the Russian government since he joined the organization in January 2011.

He has been appreciated for his outstanding service to the organization. The government body is devoted to offering capital and business platforms to upcoming IT enterprises in Russia

The career of Mr. Beltyulov started in the medical sector, but he switched to business. He is currently working as at the FORO energy as an observer.

In 2004, Alexei started an online program that is known as SOLVY. The application has been assisting teachers in tutoring students by interacting with them through the internet. SOLVY instructs the learners as they study online and the tutors can supervise to see their progress.

According to, the establishment of SOLVY was motivated by Alexei Beltyukov’s passion for education. The application focuses on simplifying the learning process is subjects such as mathematic, which is perceived as hard to understand. SOLVY does not have multiple choices to questions, and therefore, it allows the student to show the methods that they use in getting the answers to their mathematical problems. It also offers corrections whenever a learner makes a mistake.

The program gained recognition for being one of the leading high potential projects. Experts of EdTech and its tutors said that SOLVY would be essential in reconstructing the education sector. Alexei Beltyukov serves as the chief operating officer of the firm.

According to him, high school students will greatly benefit from the new program. His exceptional entrepreneurship skills have enabled him to be highly successful.