Darius Fisher Gives Advice About Photo Catastrophes

Darius Fisher is a knowledgeable person when it comes to the subject of fixing online reputations. In an article for the Huffington Post, Fisher discussed the delicate subject of fixing problems associated with negative, unfavorable, and unflattering pictures.


The tips Fisher puts forth are sound and logical. He suggests acting immediately to deal with the problem. The longer the delay, the more damage the photo images may end up causing. In some instances, laws – including copyright laws – may be on the side of the person harmed. So why delay?


Addressing the situation may be required in certain scenarios. Proactively noting the problem and admitting to any mistakes may help minimize some of the fallout. Sometimes, the best thing to do is accept responsibility for a mistake and try to move on. With photo proof of wrongdoing, it can be really hard not to take responsibility. Refusing to do so might look really bad.


Launching search engine optimization and reputation management strategies absolutely must be done as well.


Fisher suggests anyone dealing with a photograph-related crisis should reflect on the crisis. Learn from the crisis. Doing so will have positive results.
Darius Fisher is someone who really is worth listening to as his tenure as president of Status Labs proves. He has been able to make a solid transition from marketer to manager. Running a digital marketing and public relations firm is not the same thing as perform the duties of an employee. Based on the massive success of Status Labs, it is safe to say Fisher has done a tremendous job in his role as an executive.