The Views Of Mike Heiligenstein On Mobile Solutions

Mike Heiligenstein is an American Statesman. He has always stated that traffic congestion is going to increase in Austin. This is why a technological solution is required to solve it.

This is where Mike Heiligenstein emphasizes that the need of the hour is multiple resources that can address these traffic woes. This is exactly what the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is doing.

The CTRMA is building mobility solutions. This can be in terms of a road, or something else. It had built 183A Toll Road that is in Cedar Park and Leander. It has been able to transform those communities while they were experiencing exponential growth. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

CTRMA had also built the U.S. 290 toll road that is between Austin and Manor. It could triple the capacity of the previous road. Besides, it also improved the non-toll lanes which were not there before. Mike Heiligenstein further states that this is not a private company. It is a local agency that is accountable to the people of Travis and Williamson counties as they have established it.

The mission of people in CTRMA is to innovate. This is they are building the new MoPac Express Lanes. These will have variable tolling which would require the use of sophisticated technology. This will help in managing the flow of traffic.

According to Crunchbase, Mike Heiligenstein further states that traffic congestion cannot be eliminated entirely. Even the MoPac Lanes cannot do so as they are not big enough. Still, it will help people in having a reliable commute. Having these variable tolling rates will aid in synchronizing the supply and demand of traffic. This will help to predict the flow of traffic. He said that the Express Lane would be kept moving even if there is too much traffic on the other lanes.

He further said that they are looking towards incorporating technology solutions into their future projects and make “smart roads.” This would include embedding fiber lines along the 183 South project that is being built between US 290 and Airport. This is in anticipation of the day when vehicles are able to connect with the road infrastructure. This will help to know if a car breaks down anywhere on the road. Besides, it would inform if any car is going the wrong way while it is on the exit ramp.

Besides, Mike Heiligenstein mentioned Metropia that has helped them in creating a mobile traffic app to make traffic monitoring easier.