FreedomPop Takes A New Approach To Wireless Service

FreedomPop is a new mobile phone and internet service provider that promises plans for all budgets. The company is taking an innovative and unique approach to wireless service, and is aiming to change the way wireless is done. Cell phone bills seem to be getting higher as the years go by, and with the new lease to own phone programs, most consumers are seeing at the very least a $25 increase on their monthly bill. Years ago, an average cell phone bill was roughly $50, customers now pay more than double the price for the exact same service.

FreedomPop’s ultimate goal is to provide affordable and reliable mobile phone and internet solutions to consumers worldwide. They are able to do this by taking a unique approach to providing service. While major service providers run their services separately off of different cell towers, FreedomPop runs talk, text and data over VoIP. This means that they only require data provide mobile service. FreedomPop purchases data from Sprint and runs all services over VoIp through the Sprint Network.

Customers are immediately attracted to the free phone and service plans that are heavily advertised by FreedomPop. The plan includes 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages, and 500MB of data. This is perfect for a young child, or an aging parent that you want to be able to reach at all times. In the event that the free plan is insufficient to your needs, FreedomPop offers several other unique and affordable options to keep you talking.

Stephen Stokols, CEO and Steven Sesar worked together to found FreedomPop in 2011. After just two years, FreedomPop began their first successful partnership when they partnered with Sprint in an effort to expand their services. After joining with the Sprint network, FreedomPop introduced their beta free mobile phone plan. The company has enjoyed a significant amount of success since its decision to partner with Sprint and provide services via their data network, and continues to provide reliable and affordable wireless service to customers nationwide.

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