How Doe Deere Became The Queen Of The Beauty Industry

Self-proclaimed rebel Doe Deere has been experimenting with bright and bold makeup for basically her entire life. In 2008, she launched Lime Crime, a cosmetics line for makeup lovers who were bored with neutral and safe makeup. Today, Lime Crime’s fearless and attention-grabbing products set the trends for the cosmetics industry.

Deere, who was born in Russia, has memories of experimenting with her mother’s makeup when she was a little girl. Born with a strong sense of ambition and a need to express herself at all times, she moved to New York City at the age of 17 to become a musician. Performing on stage gave her a creative outlet. It also allowed her to experiment with fashion and makeup and develop what would become an iconic aesthetic.

When Deere would perform on stage, she would decorate herself in glitter and bright, attention-grabbing clothing. Unfortunately, she had a difficult time finding makeup that matched her fearless aesthetic. According to Deere, most makeup brands at the time played it safe and created makeup products that were made to hide flaws instead of encourage visual experimentation.

That’s why Deere decided to create her own cosmetics line. Lime Crime was to be one of the first cosmetics brands sold exclusively online. While many doubted Deere’s ability to sell makeup products without letting customers try them out and see them in person, Deere proved them wrong and managed to create a cosmetics phenomenon. She created the modern concept of the makeup swatch, a series of images that allows people to see closeups of different makeup shades used on real models.

When Deere creates products for Lime Crime, she stays true to her own creative and rebellious aesthetic. Instead of following what’s in fashion, she dreams up products from her own colorful imagination. As a result, she creates products that are so unique that makeup lovers can’t get enough of the brand. Products like the Velvetines lipsticks have a velvety finish and come in deep, moody and unexpected hues. The Superfoils line, a series of eyeshadows that have intense levels of sparkle, are made for makeup lovers who want to be noticed.

Because Deere has stayed true to her creative vision all along, Lime Crime customers are some of the most loyal makeup consumers out there. Currently, the brand’s Instagram page has millions of followers who adore Deere’s unique take on makeup. By creating bold and vivid products, Deere has given women permission to experiment with makeup in ways that they never have before.