George Soros a philanthropist at Heart

George Soros is the founder and chairman of Open Society Foundation. The organization together with its partners are in more than one hundred countries. Soros is committed to promoting an open society where people’s rights are respected, the truth is upheld, and the government is accountable. Soros philosophy of an open society has seen his Foundation (Open Society Foundation), unlike any other private operated philanthropy.

Soros began his philanthropy years ago after paying for the education of poor black students in apartheid era in South Africa. He also did help undermine communism in Eastern Europe. He provided Xerox machine to copy banned text and also encourage cultural exchange with the West.

After the Berlin wall had fallen George Soros created the Central Europe University to stimulate critical thinking. Soros later expanded his philanthropy to the United States, Africa, and Asia. Open Society Foundation has supported many lawyers and paralegals to help many people that were unlawfully detained by offering them legal representation.

Open Society Foundation has given much access to education and has also paid schools and university fee to many promising students. The group has been significant in helping many refugees and marginalized communities get access to quality education. See:

This has been significant in reducing secret payoff and tyrants who have for many years caused political unrest and monstrous violence. George Soros is also a supporter of independent organizations including, the European Council on Foreign Relations, Global Witness, the International Crisis Group, and the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

George Soros founded Soros Fund Management and currently is the chairman of the firm. George Soros’ firm was reported in 2010 to be among the most profitable in hedge fund industry. The firm currently manages Soros funds only, and it is the primary adviser to Quantum Group of Funds. His firm invests in public equity and fixed income markets worldwide, currency, as well as foreign exchange, commodity markets, and private equity and venture capital funds. The company also has a significant investment in energy, retail, transportation, financial, and other industries.

Soros is, however, famous for his massive profit which he made 1992 on a day well known as Black Wednesday. On a single day quantum is reported to have earned $1.8 billion after they had shorted the British pound. Because of the huge profit, Soros is referred to as the man who broke the Bank of England.

Politically Soros has supported numerous causes and in America. Soros is a supporter of the Democratic party. He has for many years funded the party and just recently (2016) donated over $7 million to support Hillary Clinton presidential campaign through Super PACs.

Soros success in the financial market has made it possible for him to be independent and take controversial stands that ordinary people wouldn’t.

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Socialism Dominates Discussion With Thor Halvorssen

The growing tide of supporters being drawn to the campaign of Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has surprised many media and political experts who are looking to find the reasons why the self described Democratic Socialist has become such a big part of the 2016 election season. Fox Business host Trish Regan has become concerned many of the supporters of Sanders do not fully understand the term socialism or how this political ideology can affect the people of the world.


Trish Regan turned to human rights activist Thor Halvorssen in her bid to find out more about what socialism can mean to any nation accepting this controversial philosophy. The well known founder of the Human Rights Foundation set out to give his own interpretation of socialism before bringing the interview back to his own experiences with the ideology and the campaign of Bernie Sanders.


Halvorssen, a successful Hollywood film producer of documentaries and fictional movies explained just how difficult life can be for those who are trapped under socialist rule as the dominant ideology in any state. Thor Halvorssen revealed he agrees with Bernie Sanders in his view that many European countries have achieved social success through the incorporation of socialist policies into a wider range of political discourse.
However, Halvorssen also revealed he has concerns about the use of socialist policies based upon his own life experiences in his home nation of Venezuela; Halvorssen revealed the nation had existed in a successful way for many decades by merging socialist policies with left leaning political choices. The success of Hugo Chavez, who made socialism the dominant philosophy in Venezuela coincided with a greater level of concern for the human rights of the people of the nation. Thor Halvorssen believes the loss of human rights of the people of his own South American country stand as a warning for those looking to accept socialism in the future. Despite the concerns Halvorssen has about socialism he revealed his belief in Bernie Sanders as the best choice for U.S. President based on his human rights and political record.

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