Fabletics, Crushing the Competition in Style

If you’re tired of the same old routine for your workout, spice it up a bit with Fabletics. This athleisure line endorsed by none other than Kate Hudson has taken off with a bang, and for good reason. No longer do you have to settle for the same boring leggings with a T-shirt for the gym. Fabletics mixes it up not only with style and versatility but the best in comfort as well.


To give a little background, the brand was born small, and the founders hired Hudson on due to her friendly demeanor and her experience with fashion and fitness. Being a perfect match, Hudson took the brand much further than expected, and it’s grown to an over $250 million a year business. She admits that much of the success was “trial and error,” but Hudson is credited with much more than just attempts at success. She took the customer service and satisfaction rating to all new heights. Also, she stresses quality over quantity. The company had to give up quite a bit of merchandise initially for not meeting Fabletics’ expectations. The brand gained a music star along the way. Demi Lovato, who’s a fan of the brands’ dedication to empowering women, has started a line of her own athleisure.


Going full speed ahead, Fabletics found a great way to make the athleisure line affordable as well. Using a monthly subscription service, members can receive the newest fashions right to their doorstep. This also saves time, so you don’t have to go to the store and you’ll always have fresh athleisure. The company has been so successful, that it’s even managed to take on Amazon in the apparel category. This is a huge undertaking as Amazon is typically considered the top competition for any apparel company. Using the “reverse showroom” technique, the company has a retail component as well.


Being able to visit the retail store, members and future members can preview fashions. They can also purchase select bestsellers in the area. In-store customer service is a big added bonus, as most online-only sellers can’t provide this service. Fabletics has become so popular, most people that are undecided end up signing up in the store. Getting started with Fabletics and browsing the selection is fun and easy. A lifestyle quiz will match you with the best athleisure for your lifestyle and fitness preferences. To get on the way to a great new fresh and fit look, go to https://www.fabletics.com/get-started today!

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Luxury with a Minimum Price Tag with EOS Lip Balms

The relatively new lip balm company, EOS, which stands for “Evolution of Smooth” is an innovation in the lip balm industry. Consumers are used to all lip balm looking similar and having a medicinal feel to them. EOS balms with their unique circular shape and bright pastel colors have brought a trendy feel to lip balm.


The media and celebrities love EOS lip balm. Celebrities such as Hillary Duff, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani and Kim Kardashian have all been spotted with their EOS balms. At an affordable price, under 5 CAD, everyone can have this luxurious cosmetic.


EOS lip balms come in many flavors. No matter what preference, customers will be able to find a flavor they love through EOS. EOS specializes in fruit flavored balms. A personal favorite is the Strawberry Sorbet lip balm. Other fruity delights are Passion Fruit, Acai Blueberry, and Pomegranate Raspberry. They are sweet and taste great. If the customer is not into the fruity flavors, they also have flavors such as Sweet Mint, shop here on amazon.de.


A new addition to the EOS collection is the Visibly Soft line, check latest trends. They are enriched with naturally conditioning oils and immediately provide softer, more beautiful lips. The flavors in this line are Vanilla Mint, Blackberry Nectar, and Coconut Milk. All of the products from this line are 99% natural and contain no petrolatum, gluten, parabens, or phthalate. Read more on thebrotalk.com.