Sweetgreen Restaurants a Source of Fresh Delicious Foods

New legacy restaurants would very much like to be like the Sweetgreen. The food industry in the modern world has been hit by the high-end salad chain which is accompanied by the three great investors. Danny Meyer, Steve Case, and Daniel Boulud are the three investors.

Sweetgreen’s forty locations are crowded with a wide range of diner making a long queue. The company deals in creating a brand that would feed people better. The traditional chains have more to learn from the CEOs including technology.

Nathaniel Ru is a former student of the Georgetown University. Nathaniel Ru graduated with a business degree in the finance field in the year 2007. Nathaniel Ru is among the three pioneers of the Sweetgreen restaurant. The Sweetgreen restaurant has grown and expanded to twenty-seven different locations across six states and has a plan to extend its wings to the west coast by the year 2015.

Nathaniel Ru together with the two co-founders got the idea of starting the restaurant based on the belief that Georgetown needed a fresh food dining option.

They firmly believe in food and fits. Again they went on to open the Sweetlife which is the largest food and music festival in the whole region. The event features music from top artists in addition to best foods from the top chefs. It usually attracts more than twenty thousand attendants. Read more: Sweetgreen Founder Interview – Nathaniel Ru | Business Insider

The three university friends and classmates have managed to organize the application of website together with a mobile app in their transaction. Technology has covered over thirty percent of the business transactions. Moreover, the three co-CEOs are trying to restructure the management.

The strategy involves the almost complete shutdown of corporate office five times a year to make it possible for everyone to work within the restaurant for them to maintain the close relationship with the customers.

The company, however, has no headquarters as the three pioneers are growing towards running the restaurant nationally. They have recently opened a branch in Los Angeles.

The three c-CEOs, Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet, were classmates in an entrepreneur class at the University of Georgetown. They had many things in common. First, they were all first generation immigrants.

Secondly, the parents of all the three were owners of private businesses. While these three friends were undergoing their course training, they came to realize that the Georgetown lacked healthy eating option.

This inspired them to start a restaurant immediately the graduated from the university. However they knew for them to succeed they would have to survive a business after making the winter break.

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