The Ubuntu Education Fund’s Success with Andrew Rolfe.

The Ubuntu Education Fund is a non-profit organisation focused to help African children receive proper quality education within a safe environment. Over £600,000 was raised during the Ubuntu Education Fund charity gala in London. Sineshipho Rabidyani, one of the two special guests from Africa and previously an Ubuntu Fund scholar, shared her stories after the guests had their fine dinner accompanied by music performed by the Xhosa choir. Sineshipho described her life before receiving the Ubuntu Education Fund aid, she had been living under her abusive and alcoholic father in the past. Her father’s abusive actions have brought the family into a devastating state into their relationship.

Sineshipho thanked the Ubuntu Education Fund for giving her the opportunity to receive proper education and psychological support. The importance of the organisation has been endorsed greatly as one of the most important charity organisations in Africa. 90 percent of the children that was part of the organisation was successfully enrolled into major colleges after they reach past their teens.

The innovative and strategical work on the Ubuntu Education Fund was placed in effort from the organization’s chairman, Andrew Rolfe. Andrew was one of the leading global businessmen to be able to bring forth companies and create global recognition. Rolfe was called in to be the Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund by Jacob Lief, the CEO and Founder of the organisation.

Lief endorsed Rolfe’s work which is a great fit to help with the organisation’s noble cause. Rolfe was able to find non-limited donors to help with the organisation’s cause. In addition, Andrew Rolfe was determined to help in increasing the awareness for lack of education and health care in Africa. The importance of the mission has brought the Ubuntu Education Funds to achieve multiple breakthroughs, including the reduction of HIV Transmission. The organisation has worked continuously bringing all of their manpower together to give African children their rights for quality education.

Other than being the Chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund, Rolfe also works as the Senior Managing Director at Towerbrook Capital Partners, focusing within the retail, food service and hospitality sectors.