JustFab: A Summer Line that Understands Me

My closest friends think that I do not fish for compliments, but that is not the truth. The truth is somewhere deep down, locked in a black box there is a desire for compliments. I like my clothes to have an edge with a hint of sensuality that is barely detectable in JustFab. To keep it short, it is hard for me to find pieces that work for me. You should see how empty my closet is because I do not have enough clothes in there.

But this is no longer the case because I found a site with clothes that make me giddy. I am not sure I can describe the feeling of finding something that looks like it was meant for you, but I am sure you know the feeling.

Click the following links to learn more about JustFab:


One piece that I have to tell you guys about is the Lace Up Tunic, which is this cute flowing number. It does not show your shape too much. Yet there is a chance that it might show off your curves just a bit when the wind blows. That is my way of leaving a lasting impression. I especially loved that the color is this beautiful blend of peach and pink, which is just fabulous for the summer.

Oh, and you guys have to check out the Crochet top. This is a real beauty. It flows gracefully yet still has that hint of sensuality that I told you about. I especially loved that my shoulders are revealed through the laced texture on the shoulder. Trust me, this would look great with some jeans. To me, it is perfect for those days that you do not want to try too much yet still look cute. Get more details here: http://www.justfab.com/summer-shop.htm

Why? Gosh, have you tried walking in stiletto heels for a few hours? I have always found that thick wedges were a little more comfortable and easier to walk on. I found a great pair called the Aviva.

They are perfectly suede-colored, criss-cross straps shoes that simply look great.  And I have matched these shoes with my favorite go-to jeans.

According to ShoeDazzle, there no feeling like finding a clothing line that just gets you, like the JustFab summer line.