The Quincy shows the importance of “location location location”

The Quincy is an apartment complex located in downtown New Brunswick. They are a fairly new place with all the modern enmities, including a swimming poo, modern design and architecture, and much more.


Yet what makes these apartment complexes stand out is the numerous shootings that have happened in the surrounding area in recent years, one involving a young pizza man who was tricked into going to the area by a fake pizza call. When he arrived he was informed by the residence that no pizza had been ordered. The pizza delivery man was ambushed on his way back to his car. Even though he cooperated with the mugger and gave up his wallet and money, the victim was still shot and had to be rushed to the hospital.


Just 2 years later another shooting happened at the same place. A man found stumbling into Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital bleeding from a gunshot wound is later discovered to have been shot at The Quincy, adding to the string of violence that surrounds that area. The area that surrounds The Quincy is a hot bed of crime and corruption with drug deals, murder, and more happening on location. No rhyme or reason seems necessary for the blood spill that takes place at The Quincy. You would think that being built across the police station would protect it from being a hotbed of crime yet year after year south New Brunswick area round The Quincy seems to draw criminal elements. That certainly makes the job easier for law enforcement.