Focus On the Progressive Leadership Offered by Rick Shinto and His Team at InnovaCare Health

Healthcare forms a huge industry given that it is spread out worldwide. Among the many healthcare organizations in the world, InnovaCare Health is among the top in the world due to their affordable models, innovative services and great leadership skills displayed by its leader Rick Shinto. The modern healthcare market is complex and spreads diverse divisions and sectors.

InnovaCare Health’s Services

InnovaCare Health is a leading company in the provision of physician services and Medicaid and Medicare advantage plans. It is fully modernized and well integrated with the latest and advanced technologies. Currently, its membership base in the area of Puerto Rico, which is under these great medical plans stand at 20,000 people as well as a network made up of about 7,500 providers.

Leadership at InnovaCare Health

Dr. Rick Shinto

For every big and successful company to survive better, it must have a great leadership team at the top and InnovaCare Health is no different. Dr. Rick Shinto, the president and CEO at InnovaCare Health is highly experienced in the operational managed and clinical healthcare field. He has more than 20 years of experience up his sleeves and has survived longer in the industry. His illustrious career has seen him assume great titles. Rick Shinto used to be the president as well as CEO of Aveta Incorporated, the chief medical officer at NAMM California and the CMO and COO at Medical Pathways Management System.Rick Shinto is considered as a highly or even over-qualified professional for all the positions he has held in the past. He holds an MBA and is M.D. accredited. He started off as an internist and pulmonologist. Dr. Shinto attended the University of California, Irvine where he got a BS and later his MBA from the University of Redlands. Dr. Rick Shinto won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur award during his stint at Aveta Inc.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is the other person who forms the leadership team at InnovaCare health. She is the COO and brings over 20 years of experience in government healthcare programs like Medicaid and Medicare to InnovaCare Health. She joined the company in 2015 having held various positions in other companies such as Centerlight Healthcare as the executive VP, Touchstone Health’s COO, AmeriChoice in the disease management sector as well as the corporate vice president. Penelope Kokkinides holds a masters degree in social work from the New York University, a biological sciences degree awarded by Binghampton University and a Masters in Public Health from the Columbia University School.


Livio Bisterzo Wants To Make Snacks Better For You

Traditionally, snacking has been a pretty unhealthy pastime. It is not something that people can really get any health benefits out of and it can be even worse for people who are on the go. Livio Bisterzo wanted to change that and make snacking easier for people to try new things. Because of this, he came up with the idea for Hippeas.

Hippeas are convenient packs of chick peas that have been roasted to the point where they puff up and it has helped them to be tastier and crunchier, like a chip. Since Livio Bisterzo knows what he is doing and knows the right way to try different things, he is fully committed to the snacking industry and to the way that people will be able to get more out of the snacks that they have in the areas that they are in. It is something that his company, Green Park Brands, is able to do with every snack that they have.

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The point of creating Green Park Brand was to change the snacking market and make it something that people will be able to do in a healthy way. He wanted to show people that they could get more out of the snacks that they were consuming and they didn’t have to mindlessly consume carbs and fats. Instead, they could mindlessly consume quality calories and high fiber nuggets in the form of puffed chick peas. These have made a difference to people who want to be healthy, people who are on a diet and people who simply want a change from the regular potato chip snack.

There are many different flavors that are currently on the market with Hippeas. People can choose a flavor that they like and they will be sure that it is going to stick around. While Livio Bisterzo is hoping to make more flavors in the future, he wants to be sure that the flavors that he uses will not impede on the healthfulness of the chick peas. He also wants to ensure that the flavorings that Bisterzo uses are all natural or organic.

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Sawyer Howitt Sees Entrepreneur Opportunities and Takes Them

Sawyer Howitt is one of the most qualified entrepreneurs that the Meriweather Group has ever seen. Not only does he have firsthand experience as an entrepreneur but he also has the experience that he needs to make sure that he is able to be an asset to the Meriweather Company. This is something that he has been prepared for throughout his entire life. He has learned from one of the leaders of the company and that has helped him to become better than most of the other project managers who are a part of the Meriwether Group. Sawyer Howitt is confident in his abilities to one day lead the Meriwether Group so that he can be successful with everything that the company has to offer. He wants to grow the company and teach people more about the company so that they will be able to enjoy more opportunities that the company has to offer.

The Meriwether Group is focused on being able to help entrepreneurs. It takes someone with a true entrepreneur spirit to be able to run the business and to make sure that it is something that people will be able to benefit from. When the group was first started, its main goal was to provide financial help to all of the people who asked for it and were qualified as entrepreneurs according to the company. The business has grown a lot in the past but the Howitt’s have helped to make it grow even more through the different things that they are able to do.

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Sawyer Howitt’s entrepreneurship is going to help the company go much farther than they ever have before. He is committed to the Meriweather Group and knows that it is something that will make a huge difference in the company. He also wants to make sure that the company is able to grow in different areas. Sawyer Howitt recognizes that the Meriweather Group is a big company but that there is also a lot of opportunities for the company to grow to huge levels when it has the right management directing the business activities.