Doe Deere’s Bright and Colorful Makeup

Doe Deere Guest of a Guest interview
Anyone who followed Doe Deere’s blog know that she loves color. From her clothes to her hair and even her makeup, she was decked out in bright neon colors that made her feel comfortable with the way that she looks and confident with the choices that she has made for herself.

There are many ways in which Doe Deere uses color. First, she uses colors to make sure that she stands out from the crowd. This means that she does not have to worry about other things when it comes to the way that she looks. She wants people to notice her and she does not want to blend in with the crowds that fill the streets. She is her own unique person and that is something that she is very proud of and is not afraid to let people know about. Doe Deere wears bright colors to draw attention to herself because she is confident.

Even the hair choices that Doe Deere makes are colorful. It is not often that anyone will see her with something other than unnaturally colored hair. Even with the clothes that she wears and the colors that she loves, she is never really concerned about the color of her hair. She doesn’t worry about nonsensical things such as clashing and she certainly doesn’t care if people don’t like the way that he hair matches her socks. She is her own person and her hair is a direct reflection of her personality.

Doe Deere’s makeup is no exception to the way that she loves bright colors. She is always sure that she uses makeup colors on her face that make her stand out. She wants to make sure that she is doing the right thing for her personality and this often means that she wears makeup colors that don’t fit what society has deemed acceptable. It is not uncommon to see her sporting ghostly white foundation, yellow eyeshadow and electric blue lipstick. Doe Deere likes the colors that she does because she is a bold and creative person who has a lot of confidence.

Now that Doe Deere has successfully launched Lime Crime as a makeup company, she knows that she is going to treat her business differently. She allows all of her employees to express themselves in any way that they want. Whether that means that she lets her PR Rep wear his hair in a pink mohawk or her marketing specialist have a face tattoo, Doe Deere doesn’t care. She wants to change the standard of beauty that people commonly think of and make it something that works for everyone. She knows that people need to be able to express themselves through their style choices.

Ten Essential Life Hacks

Ten Essential Life Hacks of Wengie

10. To make an old jumper look fresh again, use a shaver. It removes a lot of lint, leaving the jumper looking so much newer.

9. To remove a key from a key ring, use a staple remover to open it up. Then take out the key by spinning the ring around. To add a key, open up the ring with the staple remover, and hook it in.

8. To avoid forgetting things when you leave your house, just stack everything on top of the one thing you always remember.

7. Do you ever write something down on a piece of paper, but you don’t want others to know what you’ve written? Write and scribble random numbers and letters over the original writing. No one will ever figure out what’s underneath.

6. To make sure you fold your clothes, put them on your bed. That way, you have to fold them before you go to sleep.

5. To keep papers looking crisp and unbent, find a Ziploc bag and a piece of cardboard. Cut the cardboard so that it just fits into the bag. Slip in the cardboard, and you’ll have a little pouch that protects important papers, like checks, receipts, and letters.

4. To avoid problems with garbage bags and bins, line the bottom of the garbage bag with newspaper. It will soak up any liquid before it seeps into your bin. To prevent garbage bag handles from loosening, place wall hooks upside down on the outside of the bin and secure the garbage bag’s handles to the hooks.

3. To get your perfect shower temperature every time, use a marker (whiteboard, not permanent) to mark out your favorite temperature on the shower handle. Use different colors for different people in the household.

2. To keep cereal crunchy, sift out all the little crumbs with a colander.

1. Take a photo of your fridge completely open and keep it on your phone. When you go grocery shopping and you’re unsure if you have something already, just check it on your phone.