Beauty Tips If You’re Late For School

One of the worst things that a girl can do is wake up late in the morning for school and not have time to do the proper skin care or makeup routine. Wengie offers a few tips to quickly get the face refreshed and ready along with making sure the hair and clothing are stunning as well. It takes about five minutes once you get into a routine each day.

Make sure you use a toner to moisturize the face as you don’t want the skin to dry out during the day. Use concealer as a highlighter for all of the areas that you don’t want to have a shine during the day, such as the nose and forehead. The concealer also hides blemishes. A foundation is added on top of the concealer to give a soft and natural look. Blend the edges of the foundation more than the center.

Draw a natural line with a pencil over the eyebrows. Follow the natural brow line since you’re in a rush. Gel will keep the brows in place while lightening them as well. A beige shimmer eye shadow gives a natural look and is easy to complete in only a few seconds. Avoid using a lot of bright colors if you’re in a rush as they usually won’t look as good as they would if you had time to do them properly. Use an eyelash curler to detract from dark eye circles. This will also help to wake you up in the morning as the eyes are opened after curling the lashes.


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  1. well, i think what Wengie is doing in the cosmetic line will go a long way in helping the ladies maintain their beauty with little time and commitment to makeups. also more information can be checked with to further help on the procedural approach stated by Wengie. beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder but that doesn’t mean one have to neglect what is stated in this write-up.

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