Chris Burch Discusses the Connection Between Fashion and Technology

It may seem strange to believe there is a connection between technology and fashion, but as explained by Chris Burch, this has always been the case. His opinion is that as fashions change, so do the technologies societies prefer. As both have evolved they have become more intertwined. Examples from the past include the development of wearable music gadgets like the Walkman. Modern advances in both of the industries are leading to products that pair the two even more closely. Designers now openly discuss their plans for creating dresses that make drinks and others that create their own paintings.  Read more of his insights on things, in his area of interest, check on

Obviously the last two examples of fashion and technology colliding are hardly practical, but other designers and engineers continue to merge clothing and innovative technology. Smart gloves for firefighters that make communication between partners easier, airbags in cyclist clothing to eliminate the need for bulky helmets and clothing capable of collecting kinetic energy to power gadgets are just a few of the examples of products now under development.

Obviously, technology plays an even larger role in fashion. It does this by aiding the manufacturing process, in creating unique materials and allowing designers to collaborate and market their goods across the globe almost effortlessly. Burch believes that smart investors should watch both industries as they progress and connect more than ever before. Interesting articles on

Chris Burch is neither a designer or an engineer, but he does understand the popular appeal and value of both. He is the co-founder of a brand of luxury fashion items and has a lengthy history of marketing products in a number of industries.   For an overview of his diverse investments and timeline activities, check on

As an entrepreneur and investment expert and the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, he has spent nearly four decades identifying the ideas that will excite consumers and creating the branding to draw attention to those ideas.  Additional article to read here.

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Chris Burch Is A Leader In Fashion & Innovation

Chris Burch is doing a great job of combining the world of fashion and technology. You can understand how important it can be to wear the right items when you are walking down the street, using your iPod. The game hasn’t changed in this regard when people were walking down the street carrying a boom box in the 1970’s.

Chris Burch is ready to fund the projects that are going to cross over, being popular with people that are searching for mainstream fashion solutions and edge cutting technology at tee same time. If you come up with a great idea, you shouldn’t be demeaned for backing core sciences and information technology. Capital investments are what you should be rewarded with, to further your dreams. It is a sign of an advanced and civilized society. Chris Burch wants to be a leader within that civilized society.  People decided not to laugh at Thomas Edison; they decided to fund his projects, We are talking about projects that changed the world for the best. Capital formation is crucial for the fashion industry, and no one understand this better than Chris Burch. For a glimpse of his premiere company, click on

Leaders within the fashion industry have taken the time to fund different projects that break down barriers. You want to be able to say that you have a good pulse on what is going on within the fashion industry, the latest trends. Chris Burch makes this truly possible when you see the crucial nature of his capital investments. It takes the time to research and find the right projects to fund. Millenials that have a good eye for fashion and invention should never give up on their dream so they can live the dream of entrepreneurship. Know his latest cool contribution to the market, hit on

The kind of work that quality venture capitalists and others can do in the world of fashion can revolutionize a town, make positive changes that can last for many years. Fashion can give people hope, people that have been told that their dreams are crazy can become very successful if they find the right people to believe in them.  Read insights and views from him, hit on

Growth in the marketplace can be aided by finding the right manufacturer for clothing. The right manufacturer can help a dreamer creating a product to make the right statement. Light manufacturing can even play a role in the world of fashion. Read more about his business ventures, head over to this related site.

Chris Burch, being the leader that he is can play a large role in making sure these light manufacturing projects can get done.  For an overview of his investment, investor details and timeline activities, click on

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Martavis Bryant Holds Potential for WR1 in Fantasy Football Rankings

When it comes to fantasy football rankings, Martavis Bryant has potential. Although he currently falls on the lower end of the WR1 threshold, slight improvements could catapult him to becoming a WR1, which would result in Bryant becoming a valuable draft pick for 2017, pushing him higher up the list in fantasy football rankings. At least this is what the Fantasy Footballers believe.

The Fantasy Footballers in an award winning podcast that discusses content related to fantasy football rankings consistently throughout the year. Providing expertise and advice in relation to fantasy football rankings, the Fantasy Footballers know it’s all about strategy, the mental game, and taunting your friends when you are triumphant.

Gregory Aziz: The Visionary Leader of the Railroad Fright Engineering Industry

Gregory James Aziz, the CEO and Chairman of National Steel Car, is known as a visionary leader of the railroad engineering industry. His firm is a leading freight car engineering and developing companies in the world. The Ontario-based firm has more than 100 years of experience in providing high-quality manufacturing and engineering services, and Greg Aziz helped it to innovate and retain its leading position in the industry.

He purchased the company from Dofasco in the year 1994 and converted it as the leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars in North America. By effectively utilizing the team-building, robust engineering capabilities, and with capital and human investment, the company achieved 12,000 cars a year from the initial count of 3,500 by the year 1999. Also, the number of employees of the company rose from 600 to over 3,000 during the period.

Under the leadership of James Aziz, National Steel Car became the only railroad freight car manufacturer in North America with ISO 9001:2008 quality certification. Interestingly, the company is holding the certification for last 18 years and recertified multiple times in the past. It has also accredited by TTX SECO – the highest quality award – consistently since 1996. Gregory helps the firm for new car innovation, framing the business strategies of the company keeping its mission forward, and supervising the operations of the company including its expansion plans.

Greg is really aware of the brand value of the company, and the firm has sponsored a number of events in Hamilton – the home city of National Steel Car. It sponsored the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, the United Way, and many other charity programs. Aziz considers all the employees of the company as his family members, and every year, National Steel Car conducts Christmas Party and participates in various food drives.

Greg started his career with Affiliated Foods, his family food business, in 1971. In the next couple of decades, the company displayed excellent growth under the leadership of Gregory and became an importer of fresh foods from across the world including South America, Central America, and Europe. It also established distribution network across all the major whole sale food markets in Canada and the United States.

James Aziz also worked with a number of New York-based investment banks in the late 80s and early 90s before acquiring National Steel Car. Gregory completed his graduation from the University of Western Ontario in Economics before starting his career with the family business.

Focus On the Progressive Leadership Offered by Rick Shinto and His Team at InnovaCare Health

Healthcare forms a huge industry given that it is spread out worldwide. Among the many healthcare organizations in the world, InnovaCare Health is among the top in the world due to their affordable models, innovative services and great leadership skills displayed by its leader Rick Shinto. The modern healthcare market is complex and spreads diverse divisions and sectors.

InnovaCare Health’s Services

InnovaCare Health is a leading company in the provision of physician services and Medicaid and Medicare advantage plans. It is fully modernized and well integrated with the latest and advanced technologies. Currently, its membership base in the area of Puerto Rico, which is under these great medical plans stand at 20,000 people as well as a network made up of about 7,500 providers.

Leadership at InnovaCare Health

Dr. Rick Shinto

For every big and successful company to survive better, it must have a great leadership team at the top and InnovaCare Health is no different. Dr. Rick Shinto, the president and CEO at InnovaCare Health is highly experienced in the operational managed and clinical healthcare field. He has more than 20 years of experience up his sleeves and has survived longer in the industry. His illustrious career has seen him assume great titles. Rick Shinto used to be the president as well as CEO of Aveta Incorporated, the chief medical officer at NAMM California and the CMO and COO at Medical Pathways Management System.Rick Shinto is considered as a highly or even over-qualified professional for all the positions he has held in the past. He holds an MBA and is M.D. accredited. He started off as an internist and pulmonologist. Dr. Shinto attended the University of California, Irvine where he got a BS and later his MBA from the University of Redlands. Dr. Rick Shinto won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur award during his stint at Aveta Inc.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is the other person who forms the leadership team at InnovaCare health. She is the COO and brings over 20 years of experience in government healthcare programs like Medicaid and Medicare to InnovaCare Health. She joined the company in 2015 having held various positions in other companies such as Centerlight Healthcare as the executive VP, Touchstone Health’s COO, AmeriChoice in the disease management sector as well as the corporate vice president. Penelope Kokkinides holds a masters degree in social work from the New York University, a biological sciences degree awarded by Binghampton University and a Masters in Public Health from the Columbia University School.



Nihi Sumba or Nihiwatu as it was previously called has been ranked as the top hotel globally once again by Travel+ Leisure. The luxury resort which was created by Chris Burch who is based in Indonesia. Nihi Sumba has managed to be on top of Brando which is Obama’s latest vacation spot. In 2012, Chris Burch and James McBride the hotelier invested 30 million dollars in renovating a hostel at the beach side. They had purchased this property from a New Jersey couple. The result of this expensive investment was an exclusive resort which opened its doors in 2015.   Click on  for related article.

Chris Burch invested in the Indonesian Island in the west coast of Sumba to be his children’s legacy and a philanthropy move. The billionaire now spends his time at the Hamptons, the five-star resort, and Miami. Nihi Sumba has 27 villas which are private and it also houses, the investor’s private villa dubbed Raja Mendaka. His section includes four other villas, a plunge pool which is private and has views of the Indian Ocean and Nihi Beach and the main house.

The resort also includes a spacious indoor and an entertaining outdoor area. In addition to this, there are also two double story tree houses which have a balcony, bedroom, and bathroom. Nihi also has a beach spa, a wellness center with yoga group sessions which are done every day, a wide beach with excellent tides where guests can surf anytime. The resort also offers private surf lessons, private spa treatments, trips to the nearby waterfalls where guests can also swim, horseback rides with a team of guides, and visits to neighboring bays where the guests can also swim. The resort’s interior décor includes traditional Ikat prints, antique and local wood from the local Sumba community.  The site,, offers additional article to read.

The name of the island loosely translates to a mortar stone in the local language spoken in the island. The beach was named after a formation of a rock on the tide. The resort is now the biggest job source on the Indonesian island. In the spirit of philanthropy part of the profits gotten from the hotel are donated to the Sumba Foundation. This organization finances local projects in the community. The powerful duo hopes to expand their touch to building resorts in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

About Chris Burch

Christopher J Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. The billionaire has also invested in numerous other industries which include a luxurious fashion, technology, hospitality, consumer products among others.The investor has 40 years experience in his entrepreneur career.

For update on his recent timeline activities, browse here.

Chris Burch has been instrumental in the success of over 50 companies. His intuitive instinct of dealing with consumers has been the driving force of his career.  Check for more reading.

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John Holt Represents NexBank at Texas Bankers Association

The Texas Banker’s Association gathers some of the best minds in finance and investment in the region to discuss changes to the banking industry during their 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. Speaking at this conference in New Orleans, Louisiana was John Holt, NexBank Capital’s CEO and President.

Mr. Holt, known for his focus on local banking and community involvement took part in a panel conversation to discuss the topic of “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.”

Leaders in financial counseling and banking flock to each Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference to take part in a forum that highlights potentials for challenging the banking industry from the community level on up. This requires panelists, like Holt, who have experience utilizing M7A activity in order to spur natural growth and eventual franchising.

About NexBank Capital, Inc.

John Holt is an American businessman and investor. After graduating with BBA from the University of Texas at Arlington, Holt went on to work in finance. He serves as President, CEO and Director of NexBank Capital and Chairman on the Board for NexBank SSB. His daily engagement impacts strategy that’s employed to better operational effectiveness. these same skills are put to work on the Texas Bankers Association’s Board of Directors and their Community Bankers Council.

Entering into 2017, NexBank is valued at $5.3 billion in assets that it was able to acquire though mortgage banking, commercial banking, and financial fixtures. NexBank provides services to real estate investors, middle-market companies, institutional clients and other financial bodies, all the way to sizable corporations in need of structuring guidance. With leaders in the financial industry taking positions within the executive management team, NexBank focuses on expert knowledge on the field and a need to focus on servicing clients in need of financial services, looking for opportunities to form partnerships with prized institutions and sought-after clients.


Larkin & Lacey

Despite being the land of the free, America has been the scene of civil rights atrocities and unfair policies that go against people of certain identities. Fortunately, Americans have stepped up to the plate to solve these problems by forming organizations. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

The functions of these organizations include social action, funding, litigation, educational resources and educational programs. Some of foci of these organizations range from specific issues, to the various issues facing a specific group of people, to a wide range of groups with an emphasis on a specific group or issues, to just a general interest in a wide array of issues and groups.

The Anti-Defamation League is a pro-Jewish, Pro-Israel group founded in 1913. They also put importance upon other causes such as LGBTQ rights, rights of minorities and the right of religious freedom. They educate people through a selection of resources and educational programs. They also heavily get involved with the legal system of the United States in order to push legislation pertaining to civil rights.

The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund exists to advocate for the rights of Asian immigrants, as well as those who have Asian ancestry. They go through many avenues to advance the plight of Asians.

For example, they hold multi-lingual programs where Asian immigrants are made aware of their legal rights. The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund also legally advocates in court for people of Asian ancestry and Asian immigrants. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund exists to provide support for general civil rights, with extra attention put on immigrants and people of Hispanic origin. The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund is headquartered in Jim and Lacey’s home state of Arizona. The Frontera Fund was created in 2013 to assist other civil rights organizations in the struggle for civil rights and community stability. One organization that they support gives food and shelter to immigrants who have crossed the desert from Mexico into the United States.

Another organization that it supports has something to do with advocating for people who claim to have been wrongly convicted and imprisoned. The Lacey and & Larkin Frontera Fund is also associated with local chapters of national organizations, such as the ACLU.

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund was born out of a conflict that happened between the Maricopa County authorities and Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Larkin and Lacey published stories about the corruption of Sheriff Arpaio and Maricopa County.

As a result, they were unreasonably jailed. After they were freed from jail, they went on a long legal journey, from 2007 to 2013, that resulted in a multi-million dollar settlement. They used the settlement money to start the Lacey & Larkin Frotnera Fund.

Nihiwatu Resort: The Latest Chris Burch Venture Stamping Itself onto the Hospitality Industry

Chris Burch is a name we have come to associate with some renowned retail brands. We can link him to big brands such as C. Wonder, Tony Burch, and several others. In the recent past, Chris Burch has delved into the hospitality industry. Five years ago, he partnered with James McBride, an hotelier, to invest in a beach hotel. This was based in Indonesia on Sumba Island. Renovations cost them around $30 million and the Nihiwatu Resort was born in 2015.

Nihiwatu spawned into success in a short time earning recognition from the likes of Travel + Leisure. It has since come to be recognized as arguably the best hotel in the world. Chris Burch has stated that he did not count on achieving this level of success. All he intended to do was to set up an investment for his children and also give back to the community. Nihiwatu’s unanticipated success can be attributed to the extraordinary facilities it offers.  Click on for related article.

check here for additional reading.

The resort has twenty-seven villas plus Burch’s home. His home consists of the main house plus four other extra villas. Each of the villas has a plunge pool. Nihiwatu provides a wide range of services; surfing, beach spas, a wellness center and native antiques. The resort has since become the biggest employer on Sumba Island and is a contributor to a foundation targeting the local community. Burch and McBride are currently working on plans to push the businesses into Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

About Chris Burch

American businessman Chris Burch is the CEO and Founder of Creative Capital. Being a serial entrepreneur, he has his tentacles on various business across different industries. His biggest brand so far is Tony Burch, a luxury apparel label. The other sectors that he has invested in include consumer products, technology, finance, and hospitality. His first business was Eagle Eye apparel back in college that was able to generate $165 million before being sold off.  Hop over to, to read more.

Eagle Eye was a huge success having accrued millions with a starting capital of $2000. Together with his partner, they sold the brand to Swire Group. Burch then invested his earnings in Internet Capital Group. Throughout his career, Burch has been able to develop into a perceptive entrepreneur who knows when and when not to strike. He has also worked with Guggenheim Capital as well as Continuum Group as a board member.  Check for additional article.

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How Chris Burch Created the World’s Best Resort in Less than Three Years!

In 2012, Mr. Burch teamed up with his business partner and friend, James McBride work on a five-star resort in Indonesia. The duo seeks to cash in on the billion dollar travel and tourism industry in the fourth most beautiful country in the world. By 2015, the 5-star tropical resort officially opened to the public. It was called the Nihiwatu. Nihiwatu means, ‘The edge of wilderness.’  Check

Chris and McBride paid an estimated $30 million to acquire and develop the exotic island. The hotel is the biggest employer on Sumba Island. Additionally, Nihiwatu has partnered up with the Sumba Foundation to start projects beneficial to the entire island population.

In 2016, Travel + Leisure declared Nihiwatu as the best hotel in the World. Ideally, Chris sought to create a perfect getaway for his family to escape, now and then. He claims to have bought the land for the kids.

Introducing the Raja Mendaka

The luxurious villas at Nihiwatu are a sight to behold. The cottages come with butler services. They have picturesque plunge pools and breathtaking Indian Ocean views. The Wall Street Journal reports there are 27 private villas at Nihiwatu. Chris owns a private villa on Sumba Island. That villa is the Raja Mendaka.

Spa and Yoga Services

There’s a splendid Indoor-outdoor entertainment center reserved for guests at the resort. The premise has a tree-house. Inside the structure, you’ll find Sumbanese antiquities dating back centuries. On the tree-house, there’s a private infinity swimming pool for the patrons. Yoga specialists and massage experts either come over to your villa or you can enjoy a group session at the beach.

Surfing and Horseback Riding

Nihiwatu is globally renowned for having unbelievable surfing grounds. Surfing Lessons start at $250 per person. Excursion trips to the nearby idyllic blue lagoon are also a favorite with many visitors at Nihiwatu resort. The excursions start at $175 per person. Cap off a long day by taking a horseback ride along the beautiful beaches.

Costs Per Night

The prices per villa fluctuate with the seasons. During the high season, customers pay $14,000 per night for the five bed-roomed Raja Mandeka private villa. The one-bedroomed spaces fetch $750 in the low seasons. Buoyed by the success of Nihiwatu, the hoteliers plan to build similar resorts in neighboring Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  For an overview of the investor’s detail, check on

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a transformational business leader, motivational speaker, and philanthropist. For an in-depth look at his profile, click on this useful link.  Chris has created over 50 global companies, according to his official website. These include Tory Burch and C. Wonder. He is the Chief Executive Officer and President of the venture capitalist firm, Burch Creative Capital.

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