Chris Burch Opens Up Luxury Hotel As A Gift To His Children

Chris Burch is a businessman and entrepreneur who has always been up for the extravagant things in life. He is a venture capitalist, who made a fortune from starting up numerous fashion brands, most of which have done extremely well in the market. He is extremely business minded and believes in seizing an opportunity when he sees one. One of his most recent ventures has been the Nihiwatu, a premier luxury resort in Indonesia. Located on the beautiful island of Nihi Sumba, the Nihiwatu has gained a massive fan following from travel lovers and famous personalities alike. The hotel is considered to be the gold standard for luxury hotels and is sure to give its visitors the best of everything, in one beautiful destination. Additional article to read on

The Nihiwatu has gained such an incredible response that it was given the number one spot in the best hotels in the world list that was put out by Travel + Leisure magazine. This, however, is not the first time they are appearing in the magazine, as they were also given the same position in last year’s list. The hotel has received some of the best reviews from people who have got to experience this little pocket of heaven on earth.

The Nihiwatu turned out to be everything that Chris Burch had envisioned for the destination. He bought the property along with his friend and business partner, James McBride, who is a well-known hotelier who has numerous hotels and resorts all over the world. The two of them spent roughly around thirty million buying the entire property and renovating it to be this grand and luxurious. The hotel has been operational since 2015 and has seen numerous visitors from all over the world who want to indulge in a little bit of luxury. Check

The Nihiwatu was built by Chris Burch to give as a gift to his children. He wanted to give them something that was beautiful and which they could preserve and cherish as they grow up. But along with giving them something special, Chris Burch also wanted to help people of the island and give back to them for letting him buy this beautiful space. With the Nihiwatu, the economy of the island has increased drastically, with numerous jobs also being created as a result of this. Read more about Burch on

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The Nihiwatu has twenty-seven luxury villas, each with their plunge pool and personal butler. Chris Burch also has his own home constructed on the property, which he spends a great amount of time at. For Burch recent timeline activities, hop over to

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The Ubuntu Education Fund’s Success with Andrew Rolfe.

The Ubuntu Education Fund is a non-profit organisation focused to help African children receive proper quality education within a safe environment. Over £600,000 was raised during the Ubuntu Education Fund charity gala in London. Sineshipho Rabidyani, one of the two special guests from Africa and previously an Ubuntu Fund scholar, shared her stories after the guests had their fine dinner accompanied by music performed by the Xhosa choir. Sineshipho described her life before receiving the Ubuntu Education Fund aid, she had been living under her abusive and alcoholic father in the past. Her father’s abusive actions have brought the family into a devastating state into their relationship.

Sineshipho thanked the Ubuntu Education Fund for giving her the opportunity to receive proper education and psychological support. The importance of the organisation has been endorsed greatly as one of the most important charity organisations in Africa. 90 percent of the children that was part of the organisation was successfully enrolled into major colleges after they reach past their teens.

The innovative and strategical work on the Ubuntu Education Fund was placed in effort from the organization’s chairman, Andrew Rolfe. Andrew was one of the leading global businessmen to be able to bring forth companies and create global recognition. Rolfe was called in to be the Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund by Jacob Lief, the CEO and Founder of the organisation.

Lief endorsed Rolfe’s work which is a great fit to help with the organisation’s noble cause. Rolfe was able to find non-limited donors to help with the organisation’s cause. In addition, Andrew Rolfe was determined to help in increasing the awareness for lack of education and health care in Africa. The importance of the mission has brought the Ubuntu Education Funds to achieve multiple breakthroughs, including the reduction of HIV Transmission. The organisation has worked continuously bringing all of their manpower together to give African children their rights for quality education.

Other than being the Chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund, Rolfe also works as the Senior Managing Director at Towerbrook Capital Partners, focusing within the retail, food service and hospitality sectors.


Securus Technologies Controlling Gang Violence in Jail

I am a corrections officer in the most dangerous prison in the state. The reason for all the violence is a combination of overpopulation and increased gang presence. Despite our efforts to keep the gangs separated, it doesn’t take much for something to trigger a major fight. When one gang member is attacked, the entire group comes to the rescue, so anyone caught in that cross-fire could face violence on a larger scale.


To help control the violence, we need to first control the drugs. Even an inmate just trying to do their time with no incidences of violence can turn in to an animal if taking too many drugs in jail. The gangs use drugs to help recruit and the funnel cash to the top of the ladder. We have to really have our heads on a swivel to be able to maintain order and locate any drugs inside our facility. Luckily for my team, we have the help of Securus Technologies to give us an edge over the inmates.


The Securus Technologies company has been installing these inmate call monitoring systems in over 2,500 jails around the country. The system is able to detect chatter and alert officers of trouble before it happens. Since the main objective of this Dallas-based company is making the world safer, we knew it was a perfect fit for our prison.


We have gotten several alerts the first week of using the new system. We were alerted to a call from a higher-ranking gang member ordering his crew to come to the jail in force with drugs, hoping one would succeed. We were able to be on the defense that day and not only eliminated the drugs from the jail, but took down a crew that were trying to put us all in danger.


Chris Burch a Renowned Investor in the Hospitality Industry

Chris Burch is an active investor, founder and the chief executive officer at Burch Creative Capital. Chris is an entrepreneur who has undertaken several investments in various industries. His main concentration, however, has revolved around branding, sales and marketing, financial services, consumer products, and hospitality industries. Through his devotion, Chris Burch founded Tory Burch, a luxurious fashion brand.  Click on for related article.

Apart from Tory Burch, Chris Burch also founded and co-founded several other retail brands that include C. Wonder. Chris Burch is currently shifting his major to the hospitality industry. Together with James McBride, a hotelier, Chris Burch established a beach hostel at Indonesian island in 2012. The two, James and Burch, invested over $30 million in renovating and reopening the five-star resort in 2015.  Check

The resort, known as Nihiwatu, was recently voted the best in the world in 2016. Burch, in a statement during the interview, expressed his gratitude for the success. His main agenda in setting up this multi-million investment was to give back to the community. The eminent success at Nihiwatu is, therefore, a treasure in his life.

Raja Mendaka, Burch’s private home is among the 27 private villas at Nihiwatu. Raja Mendaka has a furnished main house with four other villas. Besides, each villa is decently designed together with a private plunge pool.

Geographically, Nihiwatu is found to the west coast on a remote island in Indonesia called Sumba. Nihiwatu is popularly called the Edge of Wilderness; a nickname derived from the locality. Interesting to note is that Nihiwatu is a local term that refers to mortar stone. This followed the naming of the rock-beach that formed on the tide. Chris Burch and James McBride acquired the beach in 2012 from a New Jersey couple and rebranded it.

Nihiwatu has boosted the living standards of the people on the island by hiring a large pool of employees. Click on to read more.  Besides, the Hotel also contributes to Sumba Foundation, a local community organization entitled for development. The hotel also offers surfing lessons in its neighborhood, Coconut Grove.

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Nihiwatu is the center of entertainment for most people across the globe apart from the locals. Raja Mendaka, Burch’s private home, for instance, is available for the guests who visit the hotel. The other villas are equally well furnished to give the guests a lavish experience. Traditional local wood, Ikat prints, and Sumbanese tradition are among the featured pack of good experience at Nihiwatu.  To read more, hop over to this important site

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Serial Entrepreneur Chris Burch Finds Success As Hotelier

Chris Burch is a world-renowned entrepreneur and investor who’s launched successful clothing lines such as Tory Burch and C. Wonder. His latest venture into the hospitality arena has dazzled holiday goers in search of a five-star experience. In 2012, Chris Burch and partner James McBride started a business venture in the form of an Indonesian beach hostel. The beach hostel is in Sumba, a beautiful island replete with water falls, beaches and lush landscapes. The duo invested $30 million in the hostel, transforming it into a five-star resort that opened in 2015. The resort is called Nihiwatu, and has been named “the best hotel in the world” by Travel + Leisure Magazine in 2016 and 2017.

The word Nihiwatu translates to mortar stone;the natural rock formation on the island is the inspiration for the hotel’s name. Chris Burch wanted Nihiwatu to be a memorable experience for every guest. With 27 private villas with their own pools, spas located under water falls, and in-room spa treatments Chris Burch has attained this goal. The hotel ensures that they are helping to sustain the environment and culture of Suma island by donating profits to the Sumba Foundation, and using traditional and local décor and furnishings.  Click for additional reading.

Chris Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital, an investment firm that seeks world changing entrepreneurial ideas and products. Burch Creative Capital actively seeks disruptive brand ideas to foster and help create impactful consumer ready products and services. Chris Burch has over 40 years of experience in business ventures and has launched over 50 companies. Check for more reading.  His prowess in the entrepreneurial market gives him a clear understanding of how to make a product successful. The company’s portfolio includes Poppin, ED by Ellen Degeneres and Cocoon9.

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Chris Burch owes the success of his firm to having a wide array of consumer products in the company’s portfolio. He has studied consumer behavior over the decades, and applies this knowledge to his investment strategies. His love for creating business opportunities began when he was attending school at Ithaca College, where he and his brother Bob opened Eagles Eye Apparel. More to read on  The two brothers invested $2000 to start up the company and later sold it to the Swire Group after its value swelled to $165 million. Chris Burch found opportunity as a prime investor in the Capital Group and has triumphed as an international and domestic real estate investor.  For related article, hop over to this important site.

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The Endless and Inseparable Journey of Fashion and Technology

Anyone who attempts to separate fashion from technology and verse versa will surely fail. The reason is not far-fetched. Everyday technology keeps taking a fashionable look while fashion has never stop looking technologically fashionable. This is not a sudden occurrence; it has been with us for centuries.

Looking back to the 70s, you will remember the boom box that everyone was clamoring for because it enabled users to convey favorite tunes and stations about. It took less than two decades for the boom box to go into the history books as the Walkman became everybody pursuit in the 90s; it was a leap in fashion that usher in personal music experience in a way never known. The big one came at the turn of the century, the iPod. It was a class higher in fashion and portability to the Walkman.

Every day we see accomplished fashion designers world over diving deeper into the world of technology. To them, there can be no other way to bring to bear a higher standard in creativity and functionality than to employ technology to the craft of fashion. A Dutch renowned fashion designer put it this way: “[technology is] like a playground, a place of experiment, and as you dive deeper and deeper into the technology and systems, it rewards you with endless possibilities.”

The marriage between technology and fashion is sure to last as much as mankind. Today, people are combining both to create energy because all that is needed for electrical energy is simply movement. We now have cloths that capture kinetic energy for the singular purpose of powering technological appliances like mp3 and watch. Very soon, a prototype for shoe will be produced that will be capable of charging a cell phone in the course of walking or running; Soledad Martin is currently working on it.

Also, technological over the years has been counting on fashion to help sell her products into the hearts of man and woman. Most fashion shows help to achieve this goal. Fashion thus remains a veritable means through which technology gains popularity.

We can be sure the fashion will not be left behind with the current trend of technological advancement because there is already an inseparable union between both.

About Chris Burch

Call Chris Burch a born-entrepreneur, you will not be wrong. As far back as his college days at Itchica he was doing what many adults in business could not achieve. He teamed up with his brother Bob to start Eagles Eye apparel. In no time, the estimated worth of the company by the time they sold it off was $165 million.  Additional reading about the subject on

Burch’s success story was not limited to the fashion industry. He also made his marks in real estate and technology.  Check this on

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At the moment, Mr Burch preside over Burch Creative Capital with clients such as Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, Poppin and ED to mention but a few.  To know more about the company, head over to

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Livio Bisterzo Wants To Make Snacks Better For You

Traditionally, snacking has been a pretty unhealthy pastime. It is not something that people can really get any health benefits out of and it can be even worse for people who are on the go. Livio Bisterzo wanted to change that and make snacking easier for people to try new things. Because of this, he came up with the idea for Hippeas.

Hippeas are convenient packs of chick peas that have been roasted to the point where they puff up and it has helped them to be tastier and crunchier, like a chip. Since Livio Bisterzo knows what he is doing and knows the right way to try different things, he is fully committed to the snacking industry and to the way that people will be able to get more out of the snacks that they have in the areas that they are in. It is something that his company, Green Park Brands, is able to do with every snack that they have.

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The point of creating Green Park Brand was to change the snacking market and make it something that people will be able to do in a healthy way. He wanted to show people that they could get more out of the snacks that they were consuming and they didn’t have to mindlessly consume carbs and fats. Instead, they could mindlessly consume quality calories and high fiber nuggets in the form of puffed chick peas. These have made a difference to people who want to be healthy, people who are on a diet and people who simply want a change from the regular potato chip snack.

There are many different flavors that are currently on the market with Hippeas. People can choose a flavor that they like and they will be sure that it is going to stick around. While Livio Bisterzo is hoping to make more flavors in the future, he wants to be sure that the flavors that he uses will not impede on the healthfulness of the chick peas. He also wants to ensure that the flavorings that Bisterzo uses are all natural or organic.

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Chris Burch an Iconic Figure behind Creative Capital

Chris Burch is the creative genius behind Creative Capital. His success story is one that has hard work as its backbone with his business starting out small and slowly gaining momentum becoming a multimillion dollar company.

Having been raised in a family that can be classified in the popular category, Chris quickly learned the value of working hard to attain. His father had a distribution business that dealt mainly mining equipment and supplies, and it was due observing his father that Chris’s interest in business was born and motivated him to start his own.

Years later when Chris Burch was pursuing further education at Ithaca College, he and his brother came up with an idea to begin a business of selling sweaters on campus to their fellow students. With a starting capital of just $ 2000, they started Eagle’s Eye, a company that dealt in sweaters. Their business plan dictated that they buy sweaters at $ 10 and later sell them at $ 15. This would leave the two brothers with a profit margin of $ 5 for each of the sweater they managed to sell.  More to read on

As time would dictate, the sweaters grew in popularity and soon begun getting orders from other campuses and even other colleges. Therefore, their business started to grow, and with increased orders, Chris went on to approach a factory that could manufacture brand new sweaters to a grand scale enable him to meet the growing demand he was facing. After a decade of operating the business, the company grew to become worth more than $ 140 million in sales. Check for more reading.

With the company now making huge profits, Chris Burch decided to venture out into other firms as an entrepreneur. He went on to found and co-founded many companies that mostly dealt with cloths. Some of these companies went on to become very successful retail brands with shops in many places across the worlds.   Related article to read on

An example of this internally known retail brands is the C. Wonder and Tory Burch fashion label. The latter being a fashion label that he had helped his wife launch. The fashion label went on to become a very successful business grossing millions of dollars annually.

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In addition to his success, Chris Burch later ventured into the hospitality industry has seen the immense opportunities that laid untapped in the industry. This made him partner up with another business mogul by the name James McBride and together bought a beach hostel in the Indonesian Island of Sumba. They then went on to renovate it and later opened it as a five-star hotel attracting many visitors annually. For insight and views from Burch, hit

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Chris Burch’s Magnificent Nihiwatu Resort

For nearly forty years, Christopher Burch has been an active investor and entrepreneur across a wide variety of industries. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. He is taking a new step in the industry of hospitality. In unison with hotelier James McBride, he purchased a beach hotel at the Indonesian Island in 2012. They spent approximately $30 million to renovate it and then reopened it in 2015. It is referred to as the Nihiwatu five-star resort. In 2016, it was voted as the best resort in the world regarding leisure and travel. Check this on

During an interview with Burch, he said that he bought the hotel for his children and so as to give back and preserve the community. He also said that Nihiwatu turned out to be more than he had expected. Check Nihiwatu’s beauty on images provided on this related link.  Wall Street Journal says that Mr. Burch divides his time to be in the Hamptons, Miami, and his resort. Chris has a private home called Raja Mendaka in Nihiwatu, which is among 27 private villas. His Raja Mendaka consists of the main villa and four additional ones. Each of the five villas has a private plunge pool.  For more of Burch insights, click

Mr. Burch is a great contributor to luxury and multiple technology brands, including Poppin, Faena Hotel + Universe, Voss Water, and Jawbone. He was formerly a board member of the Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital. In 1976, his entrepreneurial excellence began when he was still studying at the Ithaca College. Together wit his brother, they decided to invest a total amount of $2,000 to begin the Eagle’s Eye initiative. They then sold the business to Swire Group after its worth had grown to $165 million. He became an identified IPO story on the Internet as he was one of the first investors in the Internet Capital Group.  Hop over to for an additional article.

He launched a home, accessories, and an apparel decor retailer in the year 2011. He later sold it to Xcel Brands. In 2014, he partnered with Ellen DeGeneres, a famous entertainer, to open her lifestyle brand. Later in the year, he launched Cocoon9 which are luxury homes with unique designs, exemplary finishes, floors that are space saving and have energy saving features. Currently, he supports the advancement of consumer products and lifestyle brands which range from organic foods, retail, technology industries, and home furnishing to the hospitality department. Related article to read on architecturaldigest.come.  Christopher has been President of the co-operative board of Pierre Hotel, and a member of the board of Rothman Institute. He has also contributed to funding philanthropic and research initiatives in some institutions.

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Cameron Clokie, Servicing the Toronto Area

An established oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Cameron Clokie has numerous titles associated with his name. Aside from specializing in reconstructive surgery of the face, Clokie is also a well practiced scientist and a serial entrepreneur.

Aside from that, add CEO of Induce Biologics Inc. to the list and you have his professional resume down in a n nutshell. He has also published numerous papers on his works and has headed just as many presentations for his peers in the medical community.

His published papers cover topics that apply to both national and international practitioners of modern medicine who find his innovative way of approaching reconstructive surgery an interesting topic to follow.

Cameron Clokie owns a number of patents, most to do with his practice as both a scientist and a maxillofacial or oral surgeon. One such patent that Clokie possesses is for a method in which he has developed in relation to bone healing. Read more: Our Team – Induce Biologics and Dr. Cameron Clokie Gives His Quick Tips for Tooth Care While Traveling

Using his knowledge of advanced bone healing techniques, he has successfully established a presence and affiliation with a few notable brands in order to bring his invention to be more commercial available to patients seeking to utilize the technology to help their cases.

Involved for three decades in the academic side to dentistry and in clinical practicing, Cameron Clokie has grown his name in Canada with proper usage of his experience in more than one area of the medical field.

He was honored with the position of Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery back in 1998 and has worked as a professor in the University of Toronto’s Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department of teaching up until 2017. Other accolades include positions on several boards throughout a handful of companies. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

Clokie’s one of a kind bone growth invented method has helped many of his clients. The method uses a certain protein through the power of adult stem cells in order to stimulate bone tissue growth.

This is ideal for those who have preexisting conditions of bone degeneration in their face or who have had parts of their faces removed due to accidents or through surgery where it was required.