EOS: Smoothing The World Of Lip Balm

When you hear about flavors like strawberry sorbet and lemon drop, a fancy cookie or ice cream shop probably comes to mind. But lip balm? Well, thanks to the innovative minds at EOS, these are two flavors that anyone could be happy about rolling across their lips. Here are a few other flavors that are sure to tantalize your senses. Find more here on frenchtribune.com.


Vanilla Mint

This flavor is an amazing way to express your love of the robust mint and mild vanilla flavors. It rolls on smooth and gives a refreshing take on lip balm. Comes in a light blue and white swirled orb.



Liven up your day with this burst of citrus. If you like oranges then tangerine will be your new favorite. A tangerine is basically a smaller, sweeter orange with an intense citrus flavor. Comes in a bright orange orb.


Summer Fruit

A refreshing mixture of strawberry, blueberry, and peach. This flavor just screams summer. Beaches, sand, and sun come to mind when this amazing flavor comes forward to wow the senses. Comes in a light red orb.


On top of these amazing flavor combinations, EOS also has great health benefits for your lips. All of the flavors are %100 natural and paraben and petroleum free. They’re packed with shea butter and vitamin E, making your lips smoother, shinier, and healthier than they’ve ever been.


A little history.

EOS was founded when three friends became business partners and saw that there was a hole in the market when it came to lip balm. There was nothing that catered to the fashion oriented women. It was all clinical feeling tubes and tubs that looked like you could have gotten a prescription for it. The flavors were bland and boring as well, click now.


So, these innovative minds came together to create the Evolution of Smooth, or EOS for short. They worked day and night to find something women everywhere would be happy to carry and show off to their friends. The orb design made the most sense because it was different and looked and felt good in the hand. Every little detail went into the designing of the orb, from the way it looked and felt to the sound it made when it opened and closed.


Combine the innovation of product packaging and add amazing flavors and there you have the second best selling lip balm in the country. EOS exploded onto the market nearly seven years ago and are still going strong today.


Hop over to this video and get the latest trend, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0avkr4IdtM


Eric Pulier’s Coveted Approach to Tech Investing

If you got the chance to pick the brain of a remarkable entrepreneur you would be foolish not to. Eric Pulier, the founder of XPrize as well as a noted entrepreneur, has always been forthcoming with his work within the tech field. Pulier has actually been growing into one of the biggest industry forces in the entire tech field. Pulier sat down and talked shop in order to establish some of the traits that has made him so successful.


To really get things started Eric Pulier was asked just how he would approach his career if he could do it all over from the beginning. Pulier wasn’t sure that this was ever a good approach. Pulier went on to say, “I don’t know that I’d do anything over again. Every failure leads to something new and often better.” Pulier goes on to explain that all of his shortcomings helped to really establish who he is today. Pulier’s one piece of advice is to say, “Sometimes I think I could have been less open to trusting certain people whose motivates later became apparent.”


Dwelling over the past isn’t part of Eric Pulier’s repertoire but he does have a few pieces of advice that would make his career different. Pulier says that his focus, and what every entrepreneur should focus on is to bring ideas back to life. Pulier says, “I write sparks down and let them sit and then revisit them over time.” Pulier is notably patient with how he approaches his concepts and he never really rushes into anything. Pulier often lets an idea just sit in the back of his head for as long as he needs until it is fully developed.

Learn more about Pulier on: https://growthhackers.com/members/ericpulier


Still, no matter how you approach business Eric Pulier has this foundation from which to grow, “Bounce ideas off of people, without concern of people stealing them or pride of ownership.” Pulier understands that the tech industry is a people business and you have to be ready to really work with them to get things done. Pulier goes on to say, “The best entrepreneurs can change and adjust as necessary.”

Learn more about Eric Pullier:


Talk Fusion – Developing Innovative and Futuristic Video Based Applications

Talk Fusion is a technology based company that was started by Bob Reina, one of the familiar names in the IT industry. Under the leadership of Bob Reina, the company has achieved great heights of success, and the products and applications of the company are available in more than 140 countries, the count continues to grow at a rapid pace. One of the primary reasons why Talk Fusion is achieving great success is because of the companies realizing the potential of the video marketing in today’s world of social media and online marketing.

The conventional marketing methods are useful, but its reach and effectiveness have shrunk over the years, which is why it has become imperative for the companies to try new marketing means. It is where video marketing comes in, and Talk Fusion offers a variety of video marketing products and applications, such as video email, video newsletters, video chat, online video chat, and more.

Bob Reina says that one of the primary focuses of the company is to innovate and improve its products continually, and thus, research and development is an integral part of the company’s business machinery. Talk Fusion recently launched the Fusion on the Go video chat application that comes with a variety of features and helps the individuals as well as the company’s executive to talk to their loved ones and clients respectively. Talk Fusion was started with the belief that videos are much more efficient in creating an impact than the simple plain text emails.

The company believes that videos are much more expressive and descriptive, and it makes the communication more swift and detailed, while also saving time and effort in the process, which can be of great help for the corporations. Talk Fusion markets its product with the aid of personal associates of the company that is spread around the world, and it also gives these executives to earn and grow as the company grows. It is a win-win situation for the company as well as its marketing associates. It is a business model that has helped the company to penetrate the local as well as the international market in a very efficient manner.

Flavor of EOS

EOS or Evolution of smooth, is an all-natural beauty product line that ranges from shaving creams to lotions. Their biggest seller and most popular product is their lip balms. EOS has these small spherical lip balms that are loved my everyone, even a lot of popular celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. EOS focusses on suppling all natural ingredient in their products and most of them can be used by vegans except their lip balms because they contain beeswax. Evolution of Smooth is based out of New York and was founded in 2006, which they launched with great success. EOS takes pride in using organic ingredient and providing clients with stylist products with invigorating scents and amazing flavors. They also add some extra ingredients like vitamins and natural skin-conditioning oils to make their consumers heathy and to keep them feeling wonderful. For anyone wanting to purchase, EOS lip balm, they can find them everywhere, at every small or large store or online on multiple sites.

Best related site, http://www.frenchtribune.com/teneur/25365-eos-lip-balm-secret-mastering-french-girl-beauty.

The best part of EOS, is the flavors of their lip balms. A lot of sites like to list their favorites or let people vote on them. On Ranker.com, 106 people voted that “Sweet Mint” was their favorite followed by “Strawberry Sorbet”. Another blog, Style Craze, listed their favorite EOS lip balm flavors Blueberry Acai and Pomegranate Raspberry. On other blogs and beauty sites, Sweet Mint and pomegranate Raspberry, both show up a lot of top. On EOS, website, they break up the category of the lip balms by texture and benefits. Look here. For the original, Organic Smooth lip balm, they have different flavors ranging from Summer Fruit to Blueberry Acai and in their Visibly Soft lip balm, they have flavors like Vanilla Mint and Coconut Milk. EOS offers some amazing flavors that continue to attract people. Go over here, walgreens.com for more.

Visit EOS facebook.com page for more news.




Luxury with a Minimum Price Tag with EOS Lip Balms

The relatively new lip balm company, EOS, which stands for “Evolution of Smooth” is an innovation in the lip balm industry. Consumers are used to all lip balm looking similar and having a medicinal feel to them. EOS balms with their unique circular shape and bright pastel colors have brought a trendy feel to lip balm.


The media and celebrities love EOS lip balm. Celebrities such as Hillary Duff, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani and Kim Kardashian have all been spotted with their EOS balms. At an affordable price, under 5 CAD, everyone can have this luxurious cosmetic.


EOS lip balms come in many flavors. No matter what preference, customers will be able to find a flavor they love through EOS. EOS specializes in fruit flavored balms. A personal favorite is the Strawberry Sorbet lip balm. Other fruity delights are Passion Fruit, Acai Blueberry, and Pomegranate Raspberry. They are sweet and taste great. If the customer is not into the fruity flavors, they also have flavors such as Sweet Mint, shop here on amazon.de.


A new addition to the EOS collection is the Visibly Soft line, check latest trends. They are enriched with naturally conditioning oils and immediately provide softer, more beautiful lips. The flavors in this line are Vanilla Mint, Blackberry Nectar, and Coconut Milk. All of the products from this line are 99% natural and contain no petrolatum, gluten, parabens, or phthalate. Read more on thebrotalk.com.





The Views Of Mike Heiligenstein On Mobile Solutions

Mike Heiligenstein is an American Statesman. He has always stated that traffic congestion is going to increase in Austin. This is why a technological solution is required to solve it.

This is where Mike Heiligenstein emphasizes that the need of the hour is multiple resources that can address these traffic woes. This is exactly what the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is doing.

The CTRMA is building mobility solutions. This can be in terms of a road, or something else. It had built 183A Toll Road that is in Cedar Park and Leander. It has been able to transform those communities while they were experiencing exponential growth. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: http://www.bizjournals.com/sanantonio/print-edition/2014/01/10/fifteen-minutes-with-mike.html

CTRMA had also built the U.S. 290 toll road that is between Austin and Manor. It could triple the capacity of the previous road. Besides, it also improved the non-toll lanes which were not there before. Mike Heiligenstein further states that this is not a private company. It is a local agency that is accountable to the people of Travis and Williamson counties as they have established it.

The mission of people in CTRMA is to innovate. This is they are building the new MoPac Express Lanes. These will have variable tolling which would require the use of sophisticated technology. This will help in managing the flow of traffic.

According to Crunchbase, Mike Heiligenstein further states that traffic congestion cannot be eliminated entirely. Even the MoPac Lanes cannot do so as they are not big enough. Still, it will help people in having a reliable commute. Having these variable tolling rates will aid in synchronizing the supply and demand of traffic. This will help to predict the flow of traffic. He said that the Express Lane would be kept moving even if there is too much traffic on the other lanes.

He further said that they are looking towards incorporating technology solutions into their future projects and make “smart roads.” This would include embedding fiber lines along the 183 South project that is being built between US 290 and Airport. This is in anticipation of the day when vehicles are able to connect with the road infrastructure. This will help to know if a car breaks down anywhere on the road. Besides, it would inform if any car is going the wrong way while it is on the exit ramp.

Besides, Mike Heiligenstein mentioned Metropia that has helped them in creating a mobile traffic app to make traffic monitoring easier.

Ohio Native David Giertz Offers Insight on the Importance of Speaking to Clients about Social Security

David Giertz is a financial adviser with thirty years experience in the financial industry. In 2014, he was interviewed by Veronica Dagher of the Wall Street Journal Business Adviser. In the interview, he stressed the critical situation of investment advisers failing to highlight the social security issues to clients. David stated that it was crucial for advisers to talk about social security with customers as most of these customers will flee in the event that social security has not been discussed. According to David at http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=232405062&privcapId=3611386, in a survey conducted by the Nationwide Institute of Retirement, the results indicated that most financial advisers hardly aired the issue of social security to their clients.

Social Security
David Giertz added that for the sake of client retention, it was vital to highlight the eventualities of investment in relation to social security. This is because out of every five consumers in the research study, four stated that there were high chances of fleeing if social security was not mentioned. David added on Ideamensch that most financial advisers failed to tackle the topic of social security because it is technical and difficult to understand. Although this is true, David said that the issue plays a key role in a client’s retirement plan.

David’s Profile
David Giertz is an experienced financial adviser. He currently serves at Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. The organization is located in Dublin, Ohio. David’s experience in investment contributed to his massive client base with four registrations from FINRA where he worked as a broker. He was in charge of offering financial advisory services to larger brokerage firms. David has made a name for himself in the financial sector by providing sound investment advice to private and public institutions. According to him, saving is everyone’s responsibility despite the age, and he strongly advises students as well as seasoned entrepreneurs to invest in their future.

How Securus Technologies is Preventing Crimes in the City

My job as part of the fugitive task force is being able to stay one step ahead of fugitives who are looking to harm innocent residents of our region. When these suspects have a support network around them, it makes it that much harder because not only are they hidden, the people who would normally help as informants do not want to be bothered.


The only way that me and my team can find these fugitives is with hard work and determination. One thing is common with just about all criminals, they are creatures of habit that usually feel safest when they are operating around their home town. That familiarity makes them comfortable, and with that comes the chance that they will slip up and give us a lead to where they may be hiding.


This particular suspect was back in his home town operating like he was untouchable. He was robbing and committing violent acts, leaving behind a calling card that showed police he was not afraid to conduct business as usual because he knew he was able to work in the shadows just out of our reach. As his crimes escalated, so did the pressure from my superiors to put an end to his run from the law.


One of my partners that works in the local prison informed that Securus Technologies installed an inmate call system that was unlike any resource he had seen in years. The LBS software was allowing them to listen to the inmates talk on the phone in a new way, and there was even chatter about our suspect detected.


We studied the calls and determined a relative in the jail was actually calling the shots as to who was hiding our suspect, so we continued to let the inmate lead us right to the suspect who we arrested before he could strike again.