Hussain Sajwani And His Development Of Damac Properties

Damac Properties is usually associated with amazing marketing stunts, glitzy developments or golf course projects made with Donald Trump. Hussain Sajwani is the founder of Damac and lives in Dubai. He has a plaque that puts him under a different light. The plaque thanked the United States for the food service supplied to the United States Army for Desert Storm. This was in reference to work performed by Sajwani’s firm in the Iraq war in 1991.


The food business is still being served by Damac. This reminds Sajwani of the expertise he first acquired in business and his ability to cultivate friendships of importance on an international basis. These skills are once again being used as Damac takes advantage of UAE prices on property that is starting to recover. He is thinking about offering shares with the Stock Exchange in London with the IPO as a possible venue. Considering the structure and size of his company he has a lot of options available.


Sajwani has come quite a distance from the food business he originally embarked on in the 1980’s. He was responsible for catering services supplied to workers in Abu Dhabi. Even with contracts with the U.S. Army the food business was not large enough and the margins were too low. He wanted to make billions not millions.


By 2002 Dubai was starting a boom in real estate. This what made Sajwani realize real estate was the future. Damac began building developments that were top of the line and used sales as the key to having a working business model. He was one of few who saw a crash was eminent. He cut his costs and reserved his cash at this point. This was how he got Damac through the crisis.


Sajwani has proven he has the intelligence and practical knowledge required to be successful in the field of his choice. He understands the importance of cutting back when it becomes necessary.

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The thoughts of Jason Hope about investing

Many people think and dream about success in business, but strangely enough, not enough people are willing to do what it takes to get to the levels of success that the said one percent of the business moguls enjoys. One entrepreneur who has succeeded in investing in the world of technology, Jason Hope, shares his journey to the top in the interview below.

Source of the inspiration to start his business
Jason states that he got his undergraduate degree in finance and also his MBA from the University of Arizona. He states that after such an educational background, one is expected to start something that is related to business. He states that he got interested in mobile phone related technology because it reaches a lot of the people. He knew from the get go that technologies connected to the hand held device would be the greatest catalyst of change. From this mindset, Jason Hope started selling premium message services.

Sources of money
He states that he gets all his money from his investments. The first thing that he did was create his first mobile telecommunications company known as Jawa. This is the parent company that has been the basis of all his investments which include digital services such as SEO provision, computer and business information systems and other interactive software. He says that since the future is based on technological advances he set up the company because it was the best way to keep an open mind and await the technologies that lay ahead.

Time it took to start making profit
When asked how long it took him before he started making profit, he stated that he was fortunate enough to start making profit almost immediately after he started. He then built his portfolio by investing in a variety of other companies and individuals.

How he handled self-doubt
It is common for investors to doubt that the ideas they are starting to work on will work. Jason states that he used the same doubt to fuel his need for success. Instead of letting the doubt cripple him, he used it to keep him on his toes and the results were wonderful.

The Launch of New Paranormal Show on PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz, the executive chairman of PodcastOne, recently announced the launch of a new podcast, Beyond the Darkness, which will focus on exploring the paranormal. The show will feature on Chris Jericho’s podcast network. The show will be very entertaining and informative with the participation of famous researchers and people who have had paranormal experiences. The conversations will revolve around ghosts, aliens, demons, angels, miracles, monsters and mysteries among other paranormal activities.


Norman Pattiz was very impressed with the growth and evolution of Chris Jericho’s podcast network and says that he never disappoints. The WWE star started out with wrestling on his podcast program but later introduced comedy and now the paranormal. Norman is confident that Chris will deliver beyond subscribers’ expectations. Beyond the Darkness will be hosted by Dave Schrader, a radio host and writer, and Tim Dennis, a radio host and producer. They are both very talented and are expected to make the show very lively and engaging. Chris Jericho looks forward to the debut of the show and expects the Jericho Network’s subscribers to increase because of it.


Apart from Chris Jericho, PodcastOne features many other popular radio personalities including Dan Patrick, Penn Jillette and Adam Carolla among others. This makes it very popular all over the world. With the launch of Beyond the Darkness, PodcastOne is expected to attract even more subscribers. People are looking forward to the debut of the show and have been anxiously waiting for it. Norman Pattiz’s foresight and excellent strategies are what have enabled him to stay relevant in the broadcasting industry for such a long time. According to him, it is all about how one implements the great ideas they come up with. That is the secret behind his success.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is the founder and chairman of PodcastOne, one of the largest podcast networks in America. He also founded Westwood One which grew tremendously under his leadership and is now one of the largest radio networks in America. He has worked in the broadcasting industry for more than 40 years and therefore has extensive experience and expertise in the industry. He was a member of the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors during the terms of President Clinton and President Bush. The Liberty of American Broadcasting presented him with the Giants of Broadcasting Award in 2009 for his excellent work in the broadcasting industry.

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Alexandre Gama Places His Focus On Neogama

The Brazilian advertising executive Alexandre Gama has recently decided the success of his own Neogama agency he founded in 1999 after spending much of the 21st century successfully dividing his time between his own agency and his position as Chief Creative Officer of BBH. After achieving a large amount of success in recent years, Alexandre Gama is now focusing on his own advertising agency, which was the first Brazilian agency to win a Lion at the Cannes Festival.

The advertising and communications graduate has been one of the most successful creative directors in the Brazilian industry since taking his first steps in this direction in 1982 with a role at Ogilvy & Mather; over the course of his career Alexandre has taken on many different roles that have pushed him to become one of the top 20 advertising executives in Brazil. Perhaps the biggest honor in the career of Alexandre Gama was his promotion to the position of Global CCO at the British based BBH agency that followed a business partnership entered into through his own Neogama agency. The global success achieved by Alexandre Gama through his Neogama agency has seen him invited onto the boards of many Brazilian and global advertising industry groups.

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Helane Morrison: A Brooklyn Girl Doing Great Things Out West

Helane Morrison worked in leadership positions for the Securities and Exchange Commission‘s San Francisco District Office for 11 years. During her time there she was known as someone that used all the tools at her disposal to ensure consumers were treated fairly and businesses large and small toed the line. She led fraud and insider trading investigations and brought cases against several major companies. Morrison also expanded the workload and almost doubled the staff in the San Francisco office to ensure the SEC was doing all it could to protect consumers and rein in rogue companies.


The SEC hired Morrison in 1996 to head the examination and enforcement programs in the San Francisco office. By 1999 she had done such a good job she was promoted to district administrator. Helane Morrison was the first woman to hold the position and one of the few women to hold major leadership positions with the SEC. Through the high-profile cases she brought against investment advisors and brokers and major companies and her work defending the rights of senior citizens and other consumers, she has left a legacy of hard work, unbiased action and great results.


Helane Morrison was born in Brooklyn, New York. She attended Northwestern University where she earned a degree in journalism. She then graduated from the law school at the University of California, Berkeley with her juris doctor. Morrison spent two years as a law clerk first for U.S. Appeals Court judge Richard Posner and then for Justice Harry Blackmun of the U.S. Supreme Court. She then went on to practice law with Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, a San Francisco law firm. The firm named Morrison a partner in 1991 after she had spent 5 years with them.


After 10 years practicing law, Helane Morrison left private practice to take the position with the SEC. She served admirably between 1996 and 2007 before resigning. Morrison then became chief compliance offer and general counsel for Hall Capital Partners LLC, a San Francisco based private investment company. She was a perfect fit with the company’s all-female leadership team. Morrison’s work at Hall Capital was so impressive she was quickly promoted to general manager and was selected to become a member of the company’s executive committee.


Throughout her career Helane Morrison has developed a reputation for integrity and the high quality work she has performed everywhere that she has gone.


New Chairman Expected to Succeed in Leading the Capital Group

Timothy Armour is the new chairman of Capital Group. He has an experience in the field of investment. He has been in the area for more than three decades, and that is why he is qualified for the position of chairman of the Capital Group. The firm has senior people who will work with Timothy to ensure the company’s success. Capital Research and Management Company President Rob Lovelace and Capital Group President Phil de Toledo are among the people who will work with Armour for the business to succeed under his watch.

Timothy started his career in the year 1983 with the Capital Group in the associate program, and he took to the position of chairman in July 2015. He succeeded James Rothenberg who passed away. Rothenberg had joined the company in 1970. Under the leadership of Rothenberg, the company was able to expand to the whole world.

Tim Armour said that the Capital Group had lost a friend as well as a colleague and expressed the grief on behalf of the company. Tim also pointed out that the company had a lot of talented workers and that is the main reason of its strength. With such talents, the company can deliver permanent results regarding investment.

The Capital Group was started in 1931 in Los Angeles, California. The organization is one of the oldest and also largest investment management companies in the state. Many recognize the company for focusing on long-term goals. Some of its offices are located in Tokyo, Sydney, and London among other locations. The company moved forward announcing a partnership with Samsung Asset Management so that they can collaborate on investments and management globally for the Korean market.

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The two companies have four main specific areas that they will focus on. They include product supervision, retirement organization, investment administration and support for channels of distribution. Armour said that Korea is faced with demographic challenges because of the financial requirement for the aging population. He further said that the company would help in co-designing of investment results for the Korean Market.

Janet Yang, who is an independent investment research firm analyst gave the company an A rating because of maintaining an enduring franchise. She reported that Capital Group is worth more than $1.4 trillion and had more than 7,000 employees. The company also continues to advance in investment and also creates long-term results.

For more information, find Tim Armour on LinkedIn.