Doe Deere: Rebellious Makeup, Rebellious Soul

Self-proclaimed unicorn queen, Doe Deere, has been taking the makeup world by storm since the creation of her own makeup line, Lime Crime. Though she never intended to be a stellar CEO, Deere essentially stated that it had to be done in order for people to properly express themselves. The Russian beauty with an enormous personality has a background as unique as her hair color as well.

Often disproving that she had a motivated soul growing up, the CEO actually admits to having a business at age fourteen in Russia. Anything but surprising, her business was selling temporary tattoos to willing participants. Upon moving to the United States, Deere had every intention of embarking on a music career. When her makeup looks felt too dull, however, she decided to create her own. This is where Lime Crime came to be. Given that Deere’s makeup is totally edgy and one of a kind, it is no surprise that Deere gave some insight as to what her favorite fashion rules to break are.

Beginning with her disdain for how the makeup industry regularly publishes what is in and what you must follow, Deere described how she loves to break essentially every rule published by fashion magazines. Her favorites include wearing a bold eye with a bold lip, mixing multiple colors and miscellaneous patterns, and wearing socks with open toed shoes.

To conclude, Deere’s life did not end up the way that she had intended. Her outrageous, fun, and unpredictable personality certainly coincided with her surprising destiny. Taking the makeup industry by storm and breaking rules in between, Doe Deere is the color the world has been lacking.

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Shaygan Kheradpir Has Proven Worthy Of CEO And Chairman At Coriant

Marlin Equity Partners is a global investment firm that manages over $3 billion of capital. Shaygan Kheradpir, who has been working closely with its senior management team, has proven his value and was named as Coriant CEO and Chairman of the Board. The soundness of this decision was called into question in an article on the website in November, 2015 despite all the obvious reasons stated in an in September. The same wisdom and intelligence was at work at Marlin Equity Partners when they combined the Nokia, Tellabs and Sycamore Network to create Coriant. Thisdecision provided 35 years of technology innovation to create a company that serves leading network operators in over 100 countries and provide services to both mobile and fixed line service providers, cloud and data center operators, cable MSOs, corporations, governments, financial institutions and utility companies.

With over 28 years of business and executive experience in positions at companies including Verizon, Barclays, GTE and Juniper Networks, his contributions to cost cutting and product development also makes him an excellent choice. He has been actively involved in the company’s strategic planning and operations and is thought to be the right person to drive Coriant’s growth strategy, focus efforts on the needs of customers and stay ahead of the competition. As Pat DiPietro, who is returning to his position as operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners after serving as CEO and president at Coriant, stated Shaygan is a proven leader with extensive industry, business, and operational experience whose leadership and expertise will play a critical role for the company.

He developed new product ideas, quickened prototype cycle and modified technologies that where in development. He was also influential in the development of the FiOS fiber optic video initiative and DVR. At Barclays, he helped develop the Pingit mobile payment software and sat on the executive team. He was also responsible for Juniper Networks’ Integrated Operating Plan, cut cost and improved returns to shareholders by $3 billion. His attraction to Coriant stems from their comprehensive portfolio of packet optical and data networking solutions, world-class technology innovations and global reach. With an expanding customer base of network operators, cloud providers and large enterprises, creating a new level of efficiency and innovation in architectures, operations and service creation at Coriant will allow customers cost disruptive networking solutions optimized with the highest degree of automation, programmability and service agility. The decision to put Shaygan Kheradpir at the helm is as sound as the investments that Marlin Equity Partners make on a daily basis.

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Darius Fisher Gives Advice About Photo Catastrophes

Darius Fisher is a knowledgeable person when it comes to the subject of fixing online reputations. In an article for the Huffington Post, Fisher discussed the delicate subject of fixing problems associated with negative, unfavorable, and unflattering pictures.


The tips Fisher puts forth are sound and logical. He suggests acting immediately to deal with the problem. The longer the delay, the more damage the photo images may end up causing. In some instances, laws – including copyright laws – may be on the side of the person harmed. So why delay?


Addressing the situation may be required in certain scenarios. Proactively noting the problem and admitting to any mistakes may help minimize some of the fallout. Sometimes, the best thing to do is accept responsibility for a mistake and try to move on. With photo proof of wrongdoing, it can be really hard not to take responsibility. Refusing to do so might look really bad.


Launching search engine optimization and reputation management strategies absolutely must be done as well.


Fisher suggests anyone dealing with a photograph-related crisis should reflect on the crisis. Learn from the crisis. Doing so will have positive results.
Darius Fisher is someone who really is worth listening to as his tenure as president of Status Labs proves. He has been able to make a solid transition from marketer to manager. Running a digital marketing and public relations firm is not the same thing as perform the duties of an employee. Based on the massive success of Status Labs, it is safe to say Fisher has done a tremendous job in his role as an executive.

QNET Partners With Lions Club International

QNET is a direct selling company in Asia and its one of the leading direct selling company and the pioneers of e-commerce. QNET is a member of Direct Selling Association of Malaysia and the company has been in operation since 1998. It began its operations in Hong Kong and it is a member of Health Foods Association and Health Supplements Industry Association of Hong Kong and Singapore. The company has seen the signing of a new and thrilling partnership with Manchester City Football Club to be its official direct selling partner for the next three years. 

QNET involves itself in humanitarian efforts under its corporate social responsibility. It donated kidney dialysis unit under its banner of We Care. Shirdi Sai Hospital in Devasandra, Bangalore was the beneficiary of the unit from QNET. gives detailed information on this humanitarian gesture by QNET.

QNET donates kidney dialysis unit

With this unit, patients will enjoy highly subsidized dialysis in this hospital, which has a capacity of 100 beds. Mr. Richard Zinkiewicz, chairperson of QNET was present during the handing over of the dialysis to the hospital. Lion Joseph Preston, the chairperson of Lions Clubs International Foundation, was also present during the handing over of the unit. The partnership echoes the philosophy of QNET of Raise Yourself to Help Mankind.

Ql Group of Companies is the parent company of QNET, and it is a member of United Nations Global Compact Network. It is the largest corporation sustainability initiative worldwide. During the handing over, Mr. Richard stated that the step is an establishment of their humble aim towards offering service to humankind. Club members and QNET officials were also present during the handing over of the dialysis unit. The QNET slogan of We care works with various well-known and trustworthy NGOs and other associates like the Lions Club.

QNET encourages all its employees to work and be in service to the needy in the community. The company has been working internationally to take care of needs of the homeless and the destitute, being part of their corporate social responsibility projects. It is a member of Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association in India. 

The corporate social responsibility initiative also supports victims of natural disasters. It distributed relief kits including cooking pots, sheets, mats and other necessary household items to 200 families at Meenambakkam.