Waiakea Takes Sustainable Company To A Different Level

More and more people in recent decades have had the desire to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. Consumers have been straying from bottled water because of its creation of excess waste and the pollution it creates. They are purchasing products that are more environmentally sustainable, and how could blame them?

Waiakea Water is changing consumers’ perception of bottled water. This newer company gives people water from a pure source and is also sold in packages that are ecologically conscious. Their global philosophy has quickly made them a consumer favorite.

No wonder Baby Boomster said that Ryan Emmons founded Waiakea Water in 2012 after he realized that the water he was drinking in Hawaii was something extraordinary. He knew that that water could possibly be one of the healthiest waters from one of the most sustainable source in the world.

According to Organic Authority, Waiakea spring water comes from one, pure source in the town of Hilo in Hawaii. It is naturally filtered through the Mauna Loa volcano and has an extremely unique mineral composition and pH. It’s abundant in electrolytes like potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium. It has a near perfect amount of silica, which gives the water a silky feel to the mouth.

The waters pH level makes it naturally alkaline. There are artificially alkaline waters on the market but studies have shown that those waters are not meant to be consumed as a daily drinking water. Waiakea’s water is a natural, safe, and healthy alternative.

This company’s water is taken from a completely renewable, sustainable source and bottled at its facility that boasts 33 percent renewable energy. Waiakea water strives to be completely sustainable, as can be seen by the way they package their product.

This is one of the first bottled waters to be certified CarbonNeutral. The packaging it comes in is made with 100 percent recycled materials. These recycled materials use 85 percent less energy to make than normal plastic bottles. This process also reduces the manufacturing’s carbon emissions by more than 90 percent and the plastic is also BPA-free.

Ryan Emmons knew he could not create a sustainable company like Waiakea without including a social model. He wanted his company to address social and environmental issues in addition to creating a sustainable product.

Waiakea water partnered with Pump Aid. This charity dedicates itself to implementing clean water supplies to communities. Waiakea donated 650 liters of clean water to underprivileged communities in Africa. This charity has helped over 1.35 million people thus far and alongside Waiakea, their efforts have created over 500 million liters of clean water donated.

Learn more about Waiakea Water: http://www.ebeverageservice.com/waiakea-hawaiian-volcanic-water-500-ml-12-ct/

Why Madison Street Capital Chicago

Publicly held businesses can benefit from the services offered by Madison Street Capital. This company is of international renown as it offers a number of services traversing privately held business ventures as well. This investment banking company is established by the value it places in excellence and integrity. The financial services offered are not limited to mergers and acquisitions but include other services as below highlighted.


Opportunities are fleeting in the corporate world but with Madison Street Capital these chances are utilized to further finance corporates. When you rely on Madison Capital’s approaches, either as a business owner or an investor you stand to gain from the corporate finance deals. You will find that we have experience and know how to propel your business and investment to the next level. At Madison we appreciate that each client is unique and therefore you will receive services for your particular need.


One of the things that has saved Madison Street Capital’s reputation is our expertise in corporate finance captures areas such as other exit strategies, specialized financing, deal structuring, designing and implementing, market pricing and due diligence. You will learn that over the years we have been in business we have helped many of our clients attain their targets in good time. We are an authority in corporate finance and governance owing to our vast experience and practice. Our services are offered in three continents: North America, Asia and Africa. Our strategy allows us to adopt a global perspective which highlights networks and local business interactions.


You are able to take advantage of the numerous chances that present themselves in the market once you join hands with us and allow us to guide you and help you grow financially and establish yourself in the corporate market. Our philanthropic nerve is alive and well as we give back to the community as a demonstrated through organizations such as the united way. Through giving back we aspire to make a difference in local as well as global circles and communities.

IAP: We Make the Impossible Possible

IAP is the leader in providing solutions for facility management, global-scale logistics, and advanced technical and professional services. IAP Company covers 25 countries in the world with over 2,000 employees. We solve private and public customers’ most challenging problems.

For IAP, they engage in the unexpected problems. They are always ready at any moment of notice to provide solutions to overseas battles and natural disasters. They have the experience to coordinate, carry out, and plan technical and complicated logistical challenges on Hoovers. The company manages, maintains, and operates military installations from a small city size. They provide remote laboratory assistance in research and private facility. IAP delivers the technology, the program management, and the people required to provide solutions to their highly-esteemed clients’ workforce needs all-over-the-world.

For over six decades, IAP has built a reputation as one of the most reliable and responsible market leader. The meet and exceed the market expectation when handling a project on behalf of their clients. The same issues that make their customers wake up at night without sleep are the issues that keep them awake all night working. This is the reason why they are the best in the market. IAP adopts the challenges of their customers and makes them their mission on Payscale.com. They channel their experience, conviction, and passion into exceptional results and inventive solutions.

IAP Corporate responsibility
This defines the way they define success. Success is the solution to customer challenges on PRNewswire. They treat clients with high-end customer service. Everyone else is treated with dignity as well. They train their workers on how to show gratitude effectively. For this reason, their clients are the most important part of development.

Values and Mission
When you enter into a partnership agreement with IAP Worldwide Services, they take your goals and convert them as their own. They try to solve your problem. They never rest until your challenge is resolved completely. This is the mission of the company. Their workers take a piece of training on how to effectively to serve their customers using their main approaches.

Compliance and Ethics
For IAP, it means more than just solving their client’s problems that doing things right. They use the most efficient way to provide solutions. Their workers are trained in the problem-solving techniques for their independent clients.

For IAP, they believe that partnering with diverse companies and businesses will improve their overall value. You need to find out how you can become their partners if interested.

Reference: http://www.jobs.net/jobs/iap-worldwide/en-us/

Malini Saba is Worldwide Philanthropist First, Then Chairman of Saban

Becoming one of the world’s top investors can be accomplished by an intelligent businessperson, but Malini Saba is much more than that, she is one of the world’s most passionate philanthropists, and it is this title that she prefers. Ms. Saba is from South Asia, and she is founder and Chairman of Saban, an international investment company that holds a variety of interests including Chinese oil and gas companies, land opportunities in Australia and India, and high-tech companies in the U.S.

These substantial investments have taken Malini to the top of the investment industry, but she is more proud of the non-profit organization called “Stree: Global Investments in Women.” Stree is a company for women to advance, and it focuses on improving the way low-income women and children from across the globe look at themselves. Malini began this incredible organization to help these groups of women see themselves in a positive light, so they can function in society.

“Stree” enables women to obtain health care, legal support and it provides a means for grassroots movements in Africa, Central America, India and Eastern Europe to meet unite with established public policies for a better tomorrow.

In all areas of her career, Malini attributes her level of success to the fact that she is not afraid to take risks to get ahead. She says that in the past 10 years, she has taken great risks, and they have paid off incredibly.

Philanthropic Endeavors of Malini Saba Show Her Huge Heart

Outside of America, Malini has been successfully in leading women since 2001 in founding Stree. In 2005, she donated $1 million to help start the world’s first Heart Research Center in Mountain View, CA, but she didn’t stop here. In 2004, after the Tsunami destroyed many areas in India and Sri Lanka, she gave $10 million to assist victims in this tragic nation.

Malini does things big and with determined intent all throughout her investment career, which began in the 1990s with 20 technology companies. Today, she has extensive investments in several countries, which have lead her to be a billionaire who sees a responsibility to help and encourage those in need.

Betting on College Football With Inside Information

In the United States, football is by far the most popular sport with players and fans. While the professional football league is very popular, in many areas of the country college football is the most intense and exciting football event that there is. In the NCAA, there are over 100 teams split up across a dozen conferences that will compete each year for conference and national championships. At the end of the year, the top four teams are placed into a playoff and the next 20-30 top teams play in individual bowl games.

What makes college football so exciting is the intense rivalries that take place each week. Every team in the country has 2-3 rivalry games each year, which have been played in many cases for over 100 years. These games are often considered more important than any other and can make or break a team’s season. While the games are very exciting to watch, they can also be fun to gamble on. The best place for getting more information and placing bets is through Covers.com. This website has access to every game that you could consider wanting to bet on and will provide you with very indepth analysis. This information will include player data, team history reports, and other information that you may not be able to find elsewhere. Using this information could easily help you gain an edge on the house.

While the regular season is a very exciting time in college football, the bowl season and four-team playoff is the most exciting time of the year. Each game matches two teams of equal skill and strength, which makes for some very exciting action on the field. When you are looking to place a bet on a college football bowl game, the best place to do so is through Covers.com. Go to Covers.com to get the most in depth college football odds and information available. It has the most betting options and best odds available, which will allow you to maximize your return on investment. Furthermore, the website will have the most indepth analysis of each game, which is very important during bowl season where games can be much harder for a novice to predict.

Doe Deere’s Bright and Colorful Makeup

Doe Deere Guest of a Guest interview
Anyone who followed Doe Deere’s blog know that she loves color. From her clothes to her hair and even her makeup, she was decked out in bright neon colors that made her feel comfortable with the way that she looks and confident with the choices that she has made for herself.

There are many ways in which Doe Deere uses color. First, she uses colors to make sure that she stands out from the crowd. This means that she does not have to worry about other things when it comes to the way that she looks. She wants people to notice her and she does not want to blend in with the crowds that fill the streets. She is her own unique person and that is something that she is very proud of and is not afraid to let people know about. Doe Deere wears bright colors to draw attention to herself because she is confident.

Even the hair choices that Doe Deere makes are colorful. It is not often that anyone will see her with something other than unnaturally colored hair. Even with the clothes that she wears and the colors that she loves, she is never really concerned about the color of her hair. She doesn’t worry about nonsensical things such as clashing and she certainly doesn’t care if people don’t like the way that he hair matches her socks. She is her own person and her hair is a direct reflection of her personality.

Doe Deere’s makeup is no exception to the way that she loves bright colors. She is always sure that she uses makeup colors on her face that make her stand out. She wants to make sure that she is doing the right thing for her personality and this often means that she wears makeup colors that don’t fit what society has deemed acceptable. It is not uncommon to see her sporting ghostly white foundation, yellow eyeshadow and electric blue lipstick. Doe Deere likes the colors that she does because she is a bold and creative person who has a lot of confidence.

Now that Doe Deere has successfully launched Lime Crime as a makeup company, she knows that she is going to treat her business differently. She allows all of her employees to express themselves in any way that they want. Whether that means that she lets her PR Rep wear his hair in a pink mohawk or her marketing specialist have a face tattoo, Doe Deere doesn’t care. She wants to change the standard of beauty that people commonly think of and make it something that works for everyone. She knows that people need to be able to express themselves through their style choices.

Madison Street Capital Work

The investment banking industry is one of the most competitive in the world today. There are a lot of people who are looking to take their company to the next level. Madison Street Capital is a company that has always treated customers well. This is the path to success in investment banking. With all of the choices today, it is vital to treat your current customers with care. A lot of people can simply use an online source for all of their investing needs. In addition, investors today can measure market performance much easier. They know when your business is not performing up to standards. Madison Street Capital has a lot of growth plans for the future, and they are prepared to make the investments of time and money to make that happen.

Madison Street Capital

From the time the company was started, Madison Street Capital has been focused on providing value to customers. Over the long term, they have proven that they are capable of doing so. Despite starting out with little capital, this company has steadily grown over the years to be one of the biggest banks in the country. Madison Street Capital makes money through investing advice and making loans. They have a conservative approach to business, and this is something that helped them during the economic recession where most banks were failing.

Investment Advice

Investing is a complicated subject that a lot of people do not understand. At Madison Street Capital, the advisors there try to keep everything as simple as possible. If you want to learn how to take things to the next level, they are a great resource to go to. Over the long term, Madison Street Capital has helped thousands of people with their simple financial advice. The first thing that advisors look at is the debt you are carrying. If you have a lot of bad debt with high rates of interest, they will quickly work to get that under control. Instead of selling you on investment products you do not need, Madison Street Capital wants to truly change your finances.

Final Thoughts

Over the long term, working with an investment bank is a great way to get your finances back on track. There are a lot of people who need help in this area of their life. With Madison Street Capital, you know that you are working with a company that has a track record of success with customers. Not only do they have a lot of technology to make investing easier for you, but they will help you take your finances to a new level. If you have a financial planning need, Madison Street Capital is a great option to use.

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Doe Deere’s Advice For Women

Doe Deere

One thing that is common with successful people is that they have advice for people who follow in their footsteps. Doe Deere has advice for young women who wan to take the risk in order to become successful. Her advice is as simple as it is profound. This is one of the things that she has done in order to have a successful career. Her advice that she has given young women is for them to follow their hearts. She says this because she believes in something special in every person, and it is true. Each person has something that is unique to that person.

It is up to that person to tap into that special part of herself. Once she starts tapping into that, then she will truly start to shine. However, this is not to say that it is going to be an easy journey. A lot of people that have made a successful life have had to make a few sacrifices. Among other things, they had to face obstacles which could discourage anyone. People that seek their own success need to be resilient and bold.

Doe Deere followed her heart, and it didn’t just lead her to make up. She has also had other activities that she was involved in. She has pursued a musical career in which she was part of a band. Overall, it has been a very successful career for her. She has tapped into this very special part in her and really spread her wings. She has blossomed and enjoyed her journey. After her musical career, she has started selling make up. This is where she let her other artistic talents shine. She has used make up to put together new looks that are amazing.

Doe Deere has not only had a successful career, but she has also become a positive role model for women to look up to. Given her story of success, she has become an inspiration to many women who have yet to find that very special spark about them. She is among the growing amount of examples of successful women.

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Hire A Reliable SEC Attorney For Your Securities Fraud Claim

There comes a time when you may need protection against your employer because they are affecting your job performance or hurting the standard of the company. SEC laws require that a company function at a certain standard to avoid security fraud. Unfortunately, you may have to be that employee that hands over the confidential information that could have your employer convicted and you should have adequate privacy and job security when you do so. There is no need for you to suffer the difficulty of trying to fight your employer on your own or filing a claim without adequate knowledge of the law.

Labaton Sucharow was one of the first legal firms in the United States to devote his entire practice to SEC laws and reforming the Dodd-Frank act that is meant to protect SEC whistleblowers. Sucharow says, being able to remain confidential is very important to a lot of employers because they don’t want to get black listed and unable to find a job. He is competent and trained in the SEC laws and knows how to protect your job security and get you the legal compensation that you deserve. In fact, he was recently highlighted in a PRN Newswire article for winning his client the largest SEC settlement in history.

The Dodd-Frank act entitles whistleblower’s to 10-30% of the actual money that is collected, but it has to be over a million dollars. The client has saved the SEC a lot of time, money, and resources by coming forward with their claim and this makes them entitled to their claim. It is hard for an individual to go up against those complex SEC laws and come out with their claim and reputation in tact. It is very important for you to hire a professional that is willing to fight for you.

A SEC whistleblower lawyer will offer you a free consultation to discuss your case. You should make sure that you have expressed client-attorney confidentiality while your discussing your claim with an attorney. A SEC whistleblower attorney works on a contingency basis and doesn’t collect unless you win your claim. They offer all the knowledge and skills of a trained professional. In fact, if another agency decides to take legal action the whistleblower is entitled to a portion of those sanctions as well. Visit your local online listings for more details on how you can hire a SEC lawyer in your area.

Homework for Inmates and their Children is a Breeze with Securus Technology

Hey, I have discovered something really wonderful. You want to know what it is? Well, I figured out that inmates can now help their children to do their homework every night of the week – if they are able to have that many visits within that time period.


Securus technology has a new program called the Video Visitation App. This app allows inmates to communicate with their children through a video terminal that is located within a correctional facility.


The video terminal can be linked to a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet through the Video Visitation App. Once the app is installed and family members are registered and approved; they can speak with inmates at scheduled visit times.


This technology allows inmates to help their children to do their homework from jail. I think this is a great idea. Keep in mind that many kids with incarcerated parents have a hard time in life. They usually struggle socially and their schoolwork is often negatively impacted during the process.


However, with the Video Visitation App, incarcerated parents are able to lend their child assistance when they are struggling with math or reading. During a video visit, an incarcerated parent can tell their child how complete a specific type of math problem and they can help them to read words on a page.


Don’t forget that a video call allows people to see the person and the environment around them and not just hear them talk. This technology is the second best thing to being in the same room with a person. Military personnel who are stationed overseas use the same technology to contact their loved ones. Securus just uses this technology for inmates to help their kids to maintain some normalcy.


I know that the Video Visitation App will not replace a parent being in the same room as a child. However, it would be foolish to think that it does not help. The truth is that many incarcerated moms and dads benefit from this technology. You can find out more about the Video Visitation App from Securus Technologies website.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.